Miami break the all-time win record???

This is not specifically about the Suns. I hope you will forgive that, because I just had to post this. I have truly seen it all now. I just got done reading the stupidest thing I have ever read. Who said this? Jeff Van Gundy, of course.

Here are his predictions:

They will break the single-season win record [of 72]

I think they have a legit shot at the Lakers' 33-game [winning] streak [in 1971-72], as well

And only the Lakers have even a remote shot at beating them in a playoff series

They will never lose two games in a row this year.

And with Erik Spoelstra coaching, they will be in the top three defensive teams in the league, as well

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OMG, what????????? I just fell of my chair. I don't even know how to begin to address such hilarity.

The Heat have two superstars (who are both swing players) and not much else.

Their third best player, Bosh, is a loser who quits on his team and has never done anything in the playoffs.

After Bosh, their next best post player is who? Drops off precipitously. Get the resuscitators out for Haslem and Ilgauskus.

If your best post player is Bosh, your interior defense is softer than pudding, and any Suns team in history.

If your PGs are Arroyo and Chalmers, you're in trouble. We are in a PG-driven league. If the Lakers didn't have the perfect PG for them and their system, Fisher, they wouldn't be champions.

Heat might come close to 60 wins, but 72 is far out of reach. Winning 33 games in a row is laughable, maybe 10 or 12. Top 3 in defense? OMG, don't even get me started on that one. Jeff Van Gundy is delusional. He needs to lay off the crack pipe. I don't think I will ever hear anything crazier than this one.