Spain : Slovenia (preparation game)

Honestly, maybe a new Fan post for this recap is a waste of space and time. Perhaps, similar to me watching this game. Perhaps reading this will be a waste of your time. I do apologize in advance if the thought crosses your mind after you're finished.

And to think, i actually recorded this game. So i could do some detailed notes for you guys, maybe even insert a funny line. Well, i will not be re-watching the game anytime, nor do i want to waste your time with detailed notes.

Now, everything i have and will say (write) is only my perspective. I'm a fan of basketball and obviously a supporter of Slovenia, so everything is filtered thru my point of view. That means that what i write is only that - my perspective. And of course i will try to focus on Dragic and how he relates to the team and vice versa.

Remember, in this friendly (preparation games) tournment, Slovenia lost to Lithuania on Friday 84:86, while on Satuday Spain beat Lithuania easily 97:76.

At the end of the game, the scoreboard was 88:68. Do i really have to say who won. And i think Spain didn't even try very hard. Considering Spain lead by 26 points in the middle of the 3rd quarter, the end result is only mildly depressing.

Goran started with Lakovic, Becirovic, Rizvic and Brezec. For all of you who have no idea who those guys are: 3 guards in a starting lineup. I know our selection of big guys is limited, but playing 3 guards at once, especially, when two of them are considered point guards is puzzling.

If the game ended after 4 minutes, Slovenia would have won 9:3. Slovenia's movement in offense and defense was better, Goran was running off screens and attacking, while Lakovic ran the point. The movement of the ball and players quickly came to a stop (literally). Everybody was just standing still, while the guy with the ball was playing one on one. Goran didn't have his best night, he ended with 16 points, but also had 6 turnovers. It's not like he wasn't trying. Honestly, even with this performance, he's the only one who in my opinion looked capable of scoring. He was agressive and quick and the only one who looked capable of matching with Spanish players. That said, it seemed to me that he was forcing it on numerous occasions. But what else there is to do, if the whole team is standing and not even putting in the effort of trying to get open. I with i could say Spain's defense was that good, but honestly i don't know. I mean how can one tell, if the only measure is poor Slovenian offense.

The team defense was plain bad, while on offense it looked like a group of strangers. Goran was agressive on defense some of the time and when he managed to come up with a steal, he got called for a foul. It's not like the result would have been different, but the refs were blowing the whistles like they were at the Love Parade. Too soon? Laughter heals, people.

30 atempted free throws for Spain against Slovenia's 17. Like i said, that's not the reason we lost, it just feels better throwing that out there.

Goran had a few good moves in the 4th quarter, when him and Jagodnik lead Slovenia with a 13:0 run. But that was pretty much it.

When Goran was playing with Lakovic in the lineup, he was mostly running off screens or standing still (very creative offensive play). If Lakovic was on the bench he was playing the point, but you can't be very creative with the team that does not have any fluidity in the offense and players who aren't moving into open space.

I don't get the whole playing 3 guards at once, especially since it is becoming obvious Lakovic and Becirovic are not playing well. Becirovic and Lakovic both looked uncapable of creating any shot. If coach intends to play similar lineups in the future, then i have to say, i'm not sure why he sent Udrih home. Sure, it disrupts the team spirit if one player is above the team and blablablabla. You know what else disrupts the team spirit. Not being able to score.

I think Udrih would match a lot better with Dragic in the lineup and he's also capable of hitting a shot. But, there's still a lot of preparation games to play, so i'm hoping certain things improve. At least to the level where one can watch a game and somewhat enjoys it.

We'll find out soon, what a difference a day makes. Tomorrow (Tuesday night) Spain comes to Ljubljana for a rematch. Sure, the place will be packed and Slovenian fans are one of the best in creating a wonderfull ambient that lifts the home team. But against Spain and with the effort that they showed in this game, the result will probably be pretty much the same.

Take care guys