Andris Biedrins - Potential Sun?

Andris Biedrins, a 6'11'' 24-year-old center currently on the Warriors, has recently expressed his frustration with the Warriors organization.  In his interview, he specifically discussed playing with the Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash in particular:


"So, I guess, if they trade me, there could be some nice changes involved, maybe I’ll be on a better team, with better teamwork.  When the rumors came out last year about me going to Phoenix, I would’ve loved to play with Steve Nash. Also, the Phoenix team, the city, it was all fun to think about. With a point guard like that, the game is different.”


The question is whether Biedrins would fit into our fast-paced system.  As a young, athletic, tall center, he could potentially fill the void behind Fropez but he would take playing time from Channing Frye and Warrick.  He would give us two centers with plus defensive ability to match up with teams with two strong big men and could be had for as little as a first round pick.  The Warriors are known to be shopping him and he does not fit in their system.  They would be happy to unload his 6-year, $54 million deal, maybe even for our trade exception.

In the 08-09 season, Biedrins averaged 11.9 PPG and 11.2 RPG with 57.8% FG shooting and 1.6 BPG... very respectable numbers for a 22-year-old center.  Any input or insight to the possibility of this deal?