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Phoenix Suns Practice Notes: Yippie! Practice Notes!!!

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The Suns have been holding informal workouts and scrimmages for a few days now but today was the first time my schedule allowed me to attend. And boy was it nice to see the fellas (and some friends) back on the court.

I ran in Steve Nash earlier in the day but he didn't participate in the scrimmages with Robin, Grant, Channing, Josh, Clark, Lawal, Jones and Matt Janning. Also there was Zabian Dowdell, Sean Marks, Cezary Trybanski and a couple of other fellas.

Oh, and this guy Amare Stoudemire showed up to get some work in. Nice to see him. Former Suns and current Knicks assistant coach Phil Weber showed up as well.

Notes - and take these with a GIANT grain of salt. These are very informal workouts and very early in the season and a very small sample size:

  • Robin Lopez has been working on his low-post offense. He went right through Trybanski with a power move and had some nice hooks in the lane. He stayed after to work more with Coach Cartwright. He was moving well and didn't break anything (or anyone).
  • Jones and Lawal both have decent potential to do some damage in the post as well, something that Lou Amundson never showed. Both played with energy and hustle you expect. Lawal is more explosive athletically and Jone is more experienced and polished. Should be fun to watch those two develop.
  • Good to see Josh Childress up close for the first time. He has incredibly fast hands and his 'fro isn't at super size right now.
  • Channing took some three's but overall seemed relaxed. No need to rush back into full-speed too fast, that's how you get hurt.
  • Earl hit some nice mid-range J's and put a sweet move on Sean Marks. Yeah, I know but still...
  • Janning looked good. His shot was falling and he had a couple of nice steals. Here's an interview with him from today:

Matt Janning Excited For Opportunity To Earn Roster Spot With Suns - SB Nation Arizona
Matt Janning is from Minnesota where the winters are brutal and the summers are hot and humid; but nothing like an August in Phoenix. He might still adjusting to the hundred-plus degree "dry heat" but is already comfortable on the court with NBA legends like Steve Nash and Grant Hill.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 09/02/10 8:19 AM MST ]

I wasn't able to stick around and talk to Amare because of the D-backs game but Paul did:

Former Phoenix Suns star Amar'e Stoudemire returns, reflects
Amar'e Stoudemire stepped back in US Airways Center Wednesday, holding no grudge in sharing his thoughts on his departure. blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - More from Amar'e
Phoenix Suns update: Amar'e Stoudemire's return to and reflections on Phoenix were chronicled in an article you can read here. But there was more of what Stoudemire said on Wednesday afternoon.

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