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Phoenix Suns Practice Practice Report

Get it? Practice practice report?


  • Still no Jason Richardson, but other than he, all present or accounted for.
  • There were a couple of very happy Suns coaches of Serbian nationality having just watched Serbia defeat Spain in a thrilling game. This whole World Championship thing might not be a big deal in this country, but you better believe the Serbs are celebrating like they reconquered Kosovo beat Spain in a big basketball game.
  • Suns GM Lance Blanks was on-hand watching the fun today.
  • Jared Dudley might not think Robin Lopez is 100%, but he looked fine to me. Now, he might only be 98% or he could be closer to 99.5% or he might in fact be 100% or perhaps even 102%. It's not an exact science. Regardless of his percentages, he looked good and continued to show more offensive moves than we saw last season. He also continues to play with all the intensity and focus that makes Robin so lovable worthy of our respect. And out of respect, I didn't talk to him today.
  • Grant Freakin' Hill. It's really hard to fathom how good of a basketball player this guy would have been had his prime years not been stolen by that damn ankle injury. Today, he jumped straight-up from a flat-footed position under the basket to block a charging Robin Lopez's two-handed dunk attempt. Hill went sprawling, but the ball never kissed rim. Grant also somehow managed to be on the wrong end of a three-on-one fast break and still come up with ball. Lesson for the kids? Do not mess with Grant Hill.
  • Josh Childress gets his hands on everything. Tips, deflections, rebounds and he can get to the rim and finish. Folks, I think you are going to like him.
  • Don't get too excited here, but Earl Clark continues to hit all those open mid-range shots we saw him miss last season. He also backed down that old man Hill into the mid-block and hit a sweet turnaround J over him. The talent is there and I am really hoping he can show some of it in preseason competition. I'm not overly optimistic, but for now will stay on the Bright Side of the Earl.
  • Hakim does have a little Amare-lite in him. He puts the ball on the deck and next thing you know he's dunking it. But we already knew that. He also has kind of a long goatee but we already knew that, too.
  • Jared is testing out his new, lighter frame, doing some things with the ball that might in fact be quicker. He had a nice floater in the lane that I don't recall seeing before. He was quite vocal on the floor, calling out defensive assignments, etc.
  • In the great Matt Janning vs. Zabian Dowdell battle (which will have everyone on the edge of their seats right up through final roster cuts if not considerably sooner), the edge in my mind clearly goes to Janning. He plays with a lot of confidence for an undrafted kid out of Northeastern. He was willing to take (and hit) clutch shots. "Clutch" being a very relative term for early September voluntary workouts. He also likes to put the ball on the deck and can find open guys in traffic. Something Mr. DJ Strawberry never showed. Zabian is solid but didn't stand out in any way. At least not today.
  • I am not going to say who or give any more details, but a certain player's girlfriend was present. That I mentioned this much should tell you all you need to know.

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