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More (Or Less) Thoughts On Suns Win Over Cavs

I had some time while on a flight today so I transcribed the post game audio from last night's Suns win over the Cavs. I was hoping something in there would jump out and turn into a story -- that usually happens. But this time, I got nothing.

But since I transcribed all the quotes, here they are. Feel free to completely ignore them but I will give 10 Internet Points to anyone that comes up with a credible post game story idea out of this mess.



"I thought we were struggling on the boards like usual. J.J. (Hickson) is so athletic. They brought in the Cookie Monster, that big dude I don't even know his name, he was huge. They played well, we could have done something better but hey we got it tonight."

"What we take away is momentum. It starts a little streak. We take away that we keep grinding out and keep believing we can get wins and hey, it's a long season. Hopefully, we can keep it going."

"What they did on defense today was switch towards the end. That's what New York did the whole game. This team, Byron Scott, kind of like the LA, Miami, the opposite wing helps on the role so I have a chance to catch and shoot. Early on, I tried to do a one dribble pump fake and wasn't really getting a rhythm so I let it fly."

"I thought we kept out man in front. It's not a great shooting team so we tried to make them shoot from the outside. I thought we scrapped a little more in the second half. First quarter was pretty bad and you can't guard against turnovers. I thought we turned the ball over a little too much first quarter and we calmed that down."

"It wasn't really a packed crowd out there on a Sunday night versus Cleveland. I thought for the most part once we hit threes and started getting it going, I thought the crowd started getting into it and that helped us get this win."


"At times this month we got paralysis and kind of dropped out heads. Tonight, we fought through those moments where we could have given in a little bit and really stayed with it."

"It was one of those games were we just had to find a way to win it and now we can move on and try and gain something from it. But we're struggling, we're mentally struggling and we're not playing up to our capabilities yet. We've not found a rhythm or confidence. Sometimes you have to fight through it and win these games."

"Like tonight, a team like tonight, if we question ourselves at all we can lose to anybody. So we found a way to hang in there. It's a mentality that allowed us to win. "

Jared was sick today. Lead us in everything. He's a winner. He comes out and gives us everything.

"We don't have any fours so if Hakim comes out and plays well it gives us a four and it gives our team balance."

"At time we needed a little more rebounding, defense, hustle at that position. We find a way to score. We just need a little more presence at times. When he comes and plays with energy, he makes up for his lack of size and can really be a huge factor."

Were you frustrated in the first quarter?

"Frustration's been mounting for about three months. It's hard. This is very difficult. Just trying to fight through it every day and stay positive is a challenge. Sometimes you have to take a step back and gain a perspective but when you get back out there the fire burns and the frustration is there."

"We've just got to keep working. Who knows what the future holds but we can't stop working."


"We were able to buckle down, get stops and limit their second chance points, particularly late in the game. They were getting a lot in the first half. I think we did a better job, particularly the guards, trying to keep them off the boards. Even their guards, their smaller guards, were still getting rebounds. I think we did a better job of being a little more aggressive on the defensive end."

"I was trying to post up whoever was trying to guard me down there really. Just trying to make plays, just trying to get easy baskets, just trying to get myself going. It was there, coach told me to we wanted to take advantage of that and force them to double team and get some shots for our guys or myself if it was there so it kind of opened things up for us."

"This is something we are definitely capable of. Hopefully, this makes us want more. We moved the ball well, guys shot the ball with confidence tonight regardless if we missed a few. That's the way we have to approach it."

It was the same offense, we just hit shots. We got stops when we need them and got in transition. Moved ball and made plays

"We knew it was going to be grind, regardless. If you don't knock them out early, you give them life, they're going to be right in the game. We know they're trying to get a win and wherever they go next they're going to still try and get a win. If you don't jump on a team like that early, it's just going to be a dog fight. I think they were trying to do the same to us, just trying to keep our losing streak going if you would. You can feel they were trying to come out and throw the first punch. We were able to sustain it and find a way to get a win in the fourth."

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