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Diary Of A Gamesaving Recap: Suns Inch Back To NBA Quality, Top Nets In OT 118-109

90-75 Nets in the fourth quarter.

Time to write the recap. I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow so I might as well save myself some time by writing it early.

Another eulogy. This story isn't going to be very long.

Every team in the league believes they can beat the Phoenix Suns, and the Suns believe it too. After years of getting outscored by the running and gunning Suns, the league is feasting. Cocky a-hole Jordan Farmar. Chomp. P***y Vujabitch. Chomp. Chomp. Devin Harris. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

Karma is tough. What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down. The winner becomes the loser. The favored become the outcasts. It's human nature.

No matter what, this was going to happen to the Suns one day. Thanks to management, that day came sooner than later. Pull the band-aid off fast, right? Yeah, yeah we'll go with that.


Maybe I'll check the score again. Will it be a 30-point deficit? Or only 20?

90-86... 90-86?!?!?  Suns have cut the lead to 4? Whoa!

I guess I should delete this recap and frantically catch up in the game via DVR. And the gamethread must be buzzing!

But wait a minute. Hold on pardner!  With you watching, the Suns got down 15. Don't mess with it now! If the Suns lose this game, you'll never know if you jinxed it by going back to the game. Keep writing the eulogy recap...

It took Steve Kerr a year and a handful of bad moves to figure something out. Their star PG is really only a difference maker with a special kind of offense: a pick-n-roll big and 3 spread-the-floor 3-pt shooters. In that offense, Nash is deadly. No one can stop him. But if you take that away, he's just another good PG. Not a difference maker.


Okay check the game again... 92-91??!?

Hot damn! Keep writing, Alex! Okay, keep going...


And once the Suns aren't scary on offense anymore, guess what? They're not scary at all.

All of a sudden, the league smells blood in the water. Is there a team that doesn't enjoy kicking someone when they're down? It's a mercenary league. Every win counts. Every win can mean the difference between the playoffs and not, between a low seed and a high seed.


Check back one more time: tied at 97-97!

Shit! Write faster, dammit. Now you're dawdling, your heart rate rising while your fingers are slowing down. Keep writing dammit!


You bet yer ass the rest of the league is excited. One less team to worry about in April. One more tick on the left  side of the W-L column, one less on the right.

And what makes it even better for the bottom feeders? Some of them haven't had such a good chance to beat the Suns in almost a decade. Hells yeah they're going for it.

This time it was the 10-27 New Jersey Nets.


Another check. 101-100 Suns! Come on Suns! keep writing the eulogy, Alex... keep writing... keep writing...

But I can't write anymore. Can I? Yes! The Suns need this win like no other. You've gotta do it, Alex. Ignore the cramping. Type!


And somehow, the Suns find a way to break our hearts again. They fight a bit, but then fade when it matters most. They can't buy a bucket in crunch time. Just like... i dunno, some other fucking game where they couldn't score... how am I supposed to remember right now? I'm wondering how THIS game is going...


Check again: 103-101 Suns with :23 left. DAMN! It's not over yet. My fingers are getting tired. What else can I write?


Ok, ok, work on it now. These are the fucking Nets. They'll hit a three - probably by Vuyabitch at the buzzer to win the game. OF COURSE that's the way it will end. No other option is there?


Check again: tied at 103-103. Overtime, here we go.

I cannot keep doing this for another 15 minutes or so. Shit. I'm taking a break. Gotta hit the head.

Check again: 106-103 on a Vuuyabtich 3. F**&! Can I keep writing the eulogy? this is getting old. I don't think this works if I just stop typing. Maybe, maybe... at least, don't watch the game realtime. Stay behind a bit.

Steve Nash shooting free throws in the overtime. 8 of the Suns' last 11 points in overtime, from the stripe. When was the last time Nash was at the line, with a lead at the end of the game? Seems like ages.

Game over. Suns win 118-109.


Maybe this team DOES have some guts. Sure, it's the lowly Nets but a comeback win is a comeback win. The Suns actually showed some heart. They fought back when they could have died. It was Dudley who started it. Then Frye, and Goran. Then Nash started hitting some shots, then free throws.

And the Suns showed some heart. They fought back from a 15 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Really? The Suns? When was the last time that happened?

Could this be a new turning point in the season? It's the best win since "the trade".


And its all thanks to me for starting the eulogy early.

You're welcome, BSotS.

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