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Sunday Morning NBA Links: And Blake Griffin Doesn't Always Finish the Dunk

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The Suns don't play again until Monday, so here are some links to keep you in the NBA spirit. Oh and yeah I went out of my way to post a missed dunk video. Aren't we all a bit tired of watching Blake finish the dunks?

  • Pietrus Upbeat Despite Falling out of Rotation: Coro AZ Republic
  • "I don't believe in personal success," Pietrus said. "I believe in team success. I think if you're not playing, you still come in and work hard for your team and good things are going to happen. Two years ago, nobody believed the Magic would go to the NBA Finals, and we did because we kept working hard every day. I'm a nine-year vet, so I know how to take it."

    "Our goal should be to win at least four," forward Jared Dudley said. "I know, for us, every win is big, but our mentality is to go and steal one in New York, and then Cleveland's struggling, Wizards are struggling, Philly's struggling, Detroit's struggling. This could be a good road trip for us and turn our season around."

    Donald Sterling unloads when asked for his opinion Clippers owner blasts commissioner for not taking a harder line against the players' union.

    Frankly, neither side can really win the P.R. game -- the NBA is seeing record ratings, teams spent incredible sums last summer and players are doing what players do: making and spending cash.

    "You've got to look around the league. Who's really doing better than him out there? I'm sure there are guys out there close to him, but he deserves it. You look at our record. You look at how he plays each game and how he's taking over games. I really think he's up there with the MVP talk."

    Rose didn't want LeBron taking the ball out of his hands, nor respect out of the room. Eventually, Rose reached out, but only out of a sense of duty. Rose didn't want James, nor did Rose particularly want Wade to make a Chicago homecoming. During early July, Rose shut himself in the gym and worked on his game. The soap opera bored him. "If they wanted to come here, they would've come here," Rose told Yahoo! Sports Saturday night.

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