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Postgame Recap: Knicks At Suns

Not one Suns player off their feet. All five just watching the ball. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Not one Suns player off their feet. All five just watching the ball. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

No words to describe what has happened to the spirit of this team.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 01/07/11 11:57 PM MST ]

"We will have to line it up, we'll have to get out and we'll have to try to do a hell of a lot better than we did tonight. That's the bottom line. As I said, I've got to do a better job, the players have to do a better job, we all have to do a better job."

Pretty hard to disagree with Gentry right there. Here's the full audio so you can appreciate his tone and hear the answer about the lineups (hint: don't expect much of an answer).

Audio: Gentry post game 010710

Audio: Nash postgame 010711

Audio: Frye postgame 010711

As for Amare...

"I had on objective and that was to dominate from the start. That was my main goal was to dominate from the get go. I got it going early then in the second half they went to a zone and my teammates got it going."

Suns Embarrassed By Knicks In Amare Stoudemire's Return To Phoenix, 121-96 - SB Nation Arizona
The Phoenix Suns are an incredibly bad basketball team right now. To make matters worse, they started the game with the 11th different lineup this season. The unit that started looked like they'd never played together, which is understandable since they hadn't.


Steve Nash Fears 'Dark Hole' For Suns While Marcin Gortat Apologizes To Fans -SB Nation Arizona

"We're on that slippery slope where we can get in a dark hole if we don't really hold our ground and fight and be passionate about overcoming it," Steve Nash said after the game.

The Suns cancelled practice for the players tomorrow. The coaches will come in for meetings.


Game Notes

1st Qtr

  • Holy shit, is this the 6-10 and under league?
  • Amare hitting jump shots...we know what that means
  • 8-2, Knicks
  • Not sure if this is an NBA game or a pickup game at the Y w/ really good players
  • Amare drives left on Hill, draws help and still finishes. He's soooo good. On other end Vince Carter tries to post up and misses. He's sooooo not Amare
  • Frye in now for Childress. He's a giant out there
  • Nash and Frye double Amare, Nash draws charge
  • I am not even sure Gentry wants to win this game as much as give his old pals a W
  • Vince with a beautiful spin move in the lane...and a missed layup
  • Remember when we used to say that if Amare's jump shot is working he's impossible to guard? Yup...
  • Guessing Robin will get the DNP-CD tonight
  • 30-22...what a joke

2nd Qtr

  • Knicks 5-10 from three, Suns 1-6
  • Gortat picks up two quick offensive fouls trying to set screens
  • Tons of cheap whistles...guess that helps the Suns b/c they are deeper
  • Knicks can't score...Amare coming back in. Still 30-24, NYK
  • Hill back in for Gortat to guard Amare
  • Dragic going hard at the rim and picking up fouls. That's 2 on Amare
  • GORAN..steal and layup. But Amare hushes the crowd w/ put dunk
  • Goran surveys the court, sees Vince open, takes/makes the three
  • 3rd foul on Ronny T thanks to Goran's drive
  • Grant's in a real shooting slump right now
  • Oregon Ducks cheerleaders on the do I put this...hmm...moooo
  • Oh, and Suns getting their asses kicked. 43-31, 5:23. 31 points
  • Warrick and Nash in
  • Hey, Vince did something good!!!
  • Knicks switched so Nash swings to Vince he had the clear entry pass to Warrick w/ Felton on his back so Vince skip passes across the court to Dudley. UGGHHH!!!!!
  • 18 for Amare so far btw
  • Warrick with a couple buckets. He's always torched Amare
  • Nash was in position to take a charge on Felton but backed up...sign of the times
  • Vince with the and-1 which gives him two FTAs as a Sun. Actually he took a tech foul FT so that's 3
  • 55-45, Knicks. 29-16 Knicks rebounding

3rd Qtr

  • Amare 19/6. Felton 14/6
  • Warrick starts the 2nd half...should have started the 1st half too
  • Suns baiting Knicks into up-tempo game...they are falling for it!!!
  • Except they are better at it and go up 69-54
  • Heather Cox wears VERY high heals
  • Pietrus takes a loooong time to get his three point shot off
  • Well, good news is the Cavs are coming to town on Sunday and they know what it's like to lose a good player
  • Yup...that bad. 75-54
  • Vince Carter with a couple of threes. He always comes through in the clutch
  • Grant is pissed, he's just going to hit people. If you can't beat ‘em, beat ‘em
  • Gortat getting boo'd..just missed his 2nd open layup. Not his fault really. I mean missing the layups is his fault but the boos are out of general frustration
  • 84-62, Knicks
  • They changed a Vince three to a two. I could make a snide remark, but why bother?
  • Suns getting some buckets but can't get stops. Shocking, I know

4th Qtr

  • 93-71, Knicks
  • Game recap written. Knicks hitting a three every time I looked up
  • Amare coming back in with the Knicks up 106-77 with 7:30. Why?
  • Robin in, Amare out. Mike knows how crazy Lopez is
  • Mozgov got ejected for an elbow. I didn't see it but I like the way Pietrus went after him about it
  • Saw the replay, he hit Robin after a little tussle. Not a big deal

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