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Armageddon. NBPA Dissolves Itself. Players Going To Court.

The worst thing that could possibly happen has just happened. NBA Commissioner David Stern questioned the cajones of the players, and the players went ape-shit.

Now the union has decided to dissolve itself (via 'Disclaimer of Interest') and let the players and their lawyers file an anti-trust lawsuit against the league for unfair labor practices. By disclaiming interest, there's no more union which means there's no need for those 130 signatures to request a vote to decertify. It's done. The union is gone.

Figuring this would be a tactic the players might use, the NBA has already dug in its heels and is ready to wait as long as it takes for the court system to decide in their favor. At least that's what Stern says. The NBA will even argue that all current contracts should be voided as well, making the 'reset' proposal even dicier.

There is a tiny theoretical chance that the players will win this case. And I guess that's what they are hanging onto. Hope it doesn't break on them.

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