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NBA Lockout Update: More Legal Stuff and PR Warfare

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Evidently the dockets in Minnesota are less cramped than those in New York and California. On Monday, the players consolidated all of their lawsuits in the big MN.

The sides have not communicated since the talks fell apart and the players union disbanded Nov. 14.

Yet that hasn't stopped the suits from sniping at one another from afar, which of course does little but increase the rancor of the two sides (kind of the opposite of illustrating the hope for an agreement, no?)  The whole article from USA Today can be found here.  But here's a short summary along with some witty commentary:


Rick Buchanan, NBA Executive Vice President and General Counsel (Savagely):


"We assume that Mr. Boies was not happy with either the reassignment of the case from Oakland to San Francisco or the fact that the new judge scheduled the first conference for March 2012...This is consistent with Mr. Boies' inappropriate shopping for a forum that he can only hope will be friendlier to his baseless legal claims."

Ouch, Rick but you only sound like an angry man forced to do more paperwork.

David Boies

"Talking it through … we thought things would move faster in Minnesota. The docket is less congested there."

Do you all hear me? I want to resolve this-for the fans. Quickly!

And further:

"They've made pretty clear they (the league) have no interest in talking to us. … I thought this was a case we ought to try and resolve"

Can't we all just get along?

David Boies (Lawyer's humor)

 "One of the good things about lawsuits: I know I'm going to hear from them in about three weeks," (meaning the 21 days the league has to respond to the filing.)

Bahahaahahahahaha...Attaboy, Davie, yer killin' me over here!

And lastly, to prove that he and his clients are the good guys, check this one out:

"Eventually, people come to the realization that litigation is not the best way to resolve most disputes...Most disputes ought to be settled. Trying a lawsuit is fun to lawyers. It's our form of competition. But it's not good for the system. It's generally not good for client, if there's an alternative...This was the last resort for players."

Last resort for the players? Did they not have a chance to accept an offer before all of this?

And if you think there was a PR battle before, the one in which the object was to win the hearts and minds of us fans, just you wait, my friends. Mr. Boies is playing victim here, and if we aren't careful we could fall for it. It takes two to rumble, and Boies wins even if he loses. Anyone know his hourly rate?

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