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Tentative Deal Reached!!! NBA Season Will Reportedly Start on Christmas Day, December 25!!!

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We will have an NBA season! According to several reports, NBA owners and players arrived at a handshake agreement on a new CBA a little after 3AM EST today. A 66-game regular season will start on December 25 once the deal is ratified by a full vote of players and owners, and a fast, furious free agent signing period and preseason is completed.

Finally!!! Much, much more to come on this breaking news story. For now, do a happy dance, raise a drink in honor of pro basketball's return next month and start thinking about how the Suns will try to improve their roster via free agency once the free agent signing period starts.

This here basketball blog will soon be filled with content about real basketball!!!!

@HowardBeckNYT: Free agency and training camps set to start simultaneously on Dec. 9, Stern says.

Beck's full story in the New York Times can be found here.