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Suns Waive Zabian Dowdell, Ronnie Price Signs

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Good luck Z. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Good luck Z. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Some guys never get a break in this cutthroat business. Then again, some guys never reach the locker room. Zabian Dowdell can look at the bright side and at least tell his kids he made it to the show.

Dowdell, suffering from a knee injury (pain behind his right kneecap), has not been able to participate in training camp thus far. With the shortened training camp and preseason schedule, the Suns could no longer afford to wait for Dowdell to heal.

Yet the rumor mill is in full effect, and whether you like the plan or not, Ronnie Price could take Zabian's spot as competition for the backup PG job.

Farewell Z

The timing for Zabian's injury couldn't have been worse, he had stayed close to Phoenix the entire lockout working on his game and staying in shape - but as the end of the lockout approached he suffered this injury and because of the nix on player-organization communication Z couldn't get the Suns training magic that he needed to right his injury before camp. A camp that would have given him the opportunity to showcase his hard work and possibly earn the backup PG Spot.

Maybe there's more to the story - maybe his injury is feared to be something more than just a minor setback... who knows. But one thing is certain - this stroke of bad luck couldn't have a hit a nicer kid. From me and I believe on behalf of all the Bright Side community - we pray you a speedy recovery and another chance, Z.

Ronnie Price to Phoenix?

That's the rumor


A one-year deal for the 28 year old former Utah Jazz guard is the word on the streets.

Seth over at SBNation AZ already has a good write-up of what we can expect from Price, here are some cookies:

Ronnie Price is a 6-2 combo guard who played the last four years with the Utah Jazz as the backup to Deron Wiilliams. He's known for being athletic and a strong, aggressive defender but his point guard and shooting skills are limited according to ESPN's player profile ...

Price would compete for minutes with Sebastian Telfair. Telfair would seem to be more of a pure point who can push the ball and run the offense while Price is bigger, more athletic and a better defender. The combination of the two would give the Suns options behind Steve Nash depending on match-ups.

Check out the rest of Seth's article for some highlight video and more player preview. Then on his (Seth's) Twitter - he expressed a more personal reaction -


So what's your initial reaction?

Stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds here to today.

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