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The Officially Unofficial 1st Game Thread Of The 2011/12 Season: Suns vs. Suns Team Scrimmage Live on @ 6:30pm MST

Hey there brightsiders! Can you believe it's been eight months since the last time we saw the Phoenix Suns in a live action game? Well the wait is finally over...Tonight the Suns will take on the Suns in an intra-squad scrimmage that will take place live on for your viewing pleasure!

We will get to see all of the players on the roster play against each other in preparation for a shortened pre-season in which they will play only two games before the regular season commences starting Dec. 25th (Dec. 26th for the Suns).

So hit the jump and read on for a short preview of tonight's action, as well as a reminder of how we here at BSOTS need to conduct ourselves to ensure that this place stays the awesome place we all love.

Since I have no idea how the teams will be divided, I can't say for sure which players will be matched up against each other. However, I'll make an educated guess that we can expect to see the following key match-ups for tonight:

- Gortat vs. Lopez: (Has Robin returned to 2009 form? Can he handle the Hammer?)

- Dudley vs. Brown: (Who will be the starting SG? Can Dudley outhustle the uber-athletic Brown?)

- Frye vs. Warrick: (Has Frye been working on his post game? How will our rookie look? How many Dunks for Warrick?) *Morris is not playing due to a sore knee*

- Nash vs. Telfair and/or Price: (Will the great one teach the new kids a few lessons? How will Bassy look? Will Price's defense be a factor?)

- Hill vs. Chill: (Will Chilly show that he's ready for a breakout season in Phx? Can BAMF continue to defy the aging process with his stellar play and hustle?)

I don't know about you guys but I'm excited to see these players tonight! Of course we'll have to wait until the regular season to get a real gauge on how effective our team can be, but it's going to be great getting to see our players go up against one another after this extremely long off-season.

But before we get this thing started, I encourage everyone (especially our new members) to familiarize yourselfs with our rules of conduct around here. We're a pretty relaxed and informal group overall, but we still have some guidelines that we need to follow to ensure this place stays a fun place to hang out...and that you avoid THE BANHAMMER!!!

Here's a quick video that explains everything very well...Thanks Eutychus!

So now that we're all refreshed on how to behave ourselves...without any further ado...Let's get this party started!

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