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Phoenix Suns Training Camp News

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Do more, Hak. Please. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Do more, Hak. Please. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images




TV: None that I know of.


  • Per Coro, Grant Hill will be held out of the game due to knee soreness. Josh Childress will start in his place.
  • As in most preseason games, don't expect to see much Nash. What I predict we will see is plenty of Telfair, Price, Brown, Dudley, and the bigs.
  • With Hill out, there could be some experimentation at the 3, specifically a Hakim Warrick sighting. And while we are on the topic of Warrick, as Mr. Coro mentions, the Hak may be out of a job. Of course maybe he was still "unemployed" from last season.
  • Obviously there are tons of questions right now regarding starting lineup and rotations, but with the way things are going, the former WARMACHINE could have one of the better seats in the house from the bench when the Suns begin their season.
  • While Warrick received some praise from Alvin Gentry for his play thus far in camp, the bottom line is this guy is still a one trick pony. He's an expensive finisher who does little else on the court at a high level.

The Bigs Rotation?

  • As Coro points out, the emergence of Lopez moves Frye over to the 4. And while talk of Morris has been minimal yet positive, he's evidently in the mix to start at 4. Hell, with the pressure being put on Gortat, we may even see Lopez start:

"Gentry left the starting center position open after being upset with Gortat during Sunday's practice but was happier with his effort Monday, saying, He was competitive. He gave me a hug for yelling at him (Sunday). He's OK. He'll be ready to go. And Robin has played well. Robin has had a good camp and those guys have really pushed each other."

Are we hearing the truth, or is AG pushing some buttons? Gortat spoke of competing for the starting job as opposed to assuming it's his, which is a good message to send, even if he doesn't believe what he's saying. And while he may have woken up (according to AG), it could be interesting to see Gortat coming off the bench. It would certainly help take the pressure off of Telfair/Price to have Gortat as a presence down low. Then again, if Lopez is playing well, does it really matter who is starting? The key here is chemistry, which Nash and Gortat now have from last season.

But back to the point at hand...Warrick...Could prove valuable should Hill go down with injury or sit out a game here and there. If Chill gets the starting nod, Dudz could slide to the 3, but then there's no depth at the 2. Enter your Warrick which is a poor defensive replacement for Hill, but a body nonetheless.

Practice bodies Hazell and Buycks were waived. Marcus Landry is still with the team.

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