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Phoenix Suns Game Preview: Suns (24-25) Vs. Warriors (23-28)

I'll keep this short and bittersweet since we all know what the score is on the matchup tonight.

The Warriors won a tough one last night versus the Nuggets and in theory should be feeling a bit tired. Regardless, the Suns need to take the game to the Bay City Rollers like last time. Look for G. Hill to slow up Monta Ellis again. Look for Vince Carter to get every opportunity to manipulate a mismatch. Look for Stevie to be Stevie, and here's to another 20 and 10 for Channing Frye. Double-doubles fit him just fine if you ask me.

There are no keys to the game here, we're talking about a team that Suns know how to defend, use their size as an advantage versus the undersized opponent.

.500 should be motivation enough for the Suns tonight. How about grabbing a big lead and holding it this time? How about giving the starters some rest? How about a Silo and Chill appearance, and maybe Dowdell on the floor long enough to hit for 30?


Master of the Obvious Thought Provoking Statements:

  • The Suns are currently at the 10 seed, 2.5 games back of PTL and the 8th. Do the Suns need another piece to get over the hump and get into the post season? That is, even though the Suns FO are saying they are not going to be a player come trade deadline time, do you think they will try to add an expiring or other to the mix?
  • How will Goran Dragic play once he returns from his injury? Sure it doesn't matter how it happened, but it did happen, and I'm willing to bet a beer or two he's very pissed off at himself for letting it happen. Now Dowdell is in the mix and signed for the rest of the season. Sure Dowdell hasn't looked great, but he has been sufficient. He's intelligent, and he's a scrapper. Do we see a more motivated, focused, and productive Dragic upon his return?
  • Jerry Sloan just resigned. Is this good news for the Suns? Utah is a 6 seed currently. Does the Sloan departure improve Utah's shot at maintaining or improving, or is this an obstacle potentially out of the way for the Suns? Or, does it impact the Suns at all.
  • The phrase "turn the corner" is being used a lot around these parts. What does it really mean? Does it mean the Suns are back to where they should be and will beat sub-.500 teams consistently while challenging the better teams of the league on a consistent basis? Or is staying around .500 what we will see for the remainder of the season? Have the Suns been underachieving? Can they overachieve for the remainder of the season?

And here's something you've already read from Steve Nash:

"I just think we haven't been a very good team this year for the most part. We're under .500 and every win we've had has been difficult. I feel like we're hopefully getting to a point now that we can gain some confidence and momentum and start to win at a clip that's over .500 and get ourselves in a good position here.

Hearing such an honest, accurate asessment on a team's performance by the MVP of the squad is very refreshing to hear. Hell, it's beyond refreshing. In sports we constantly hear watered down cliches and individuals attempting to stay positive in the midst of adversity and massive suckitude. To hear Nash call the Suns [not] "a very good team for the most part," is something most of us have been saying all season. We can buy the line, it's neither falsely uplifting or Scott Howardesque. It is simply the truth. "Every win we've had has been difficult." Indeed. Whether the Nets or Lakers or Clippers or Celtics are the opponent, the Suns have to put up the very best game they can muster to win. Knowing you have to bring that kind of effort night in and night out should in theory keep a team focused and motivated. It doesn't always bring positive results, of course. Talent and luck comes in to play as well, but the statement is telling....

Here's a real preview:

SB Nation: Suns Host Tired Golden State Warriors (SP):

With the tired Warriors coming to town and riding the high of a good win, they are much less likely to be hungry to add a win to their standings in a season where it won't matter. Basically, everything lines up perfectly for a Suns win which would put them back at .500 and one step closer to re-entering a playoff race that is much more competitive at this point then expected.

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