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Phoenix Suns Vs. Indiana Pacers Game Recap: Frye Hits Dagger at the Buzzer to Defeat Pacers 110-108

By now, we Suns fans realize that no lead is safe. The one consistent attribute of the this squad for the past several years is that this team is built to score in bunches. But what comes up usually comes down my friends, no?

The Phoenix Suns found themselves up by as many as 15 points, led by Grant Hill's 34 and 9. Inevitably the lead was erased by a resurgent, scrappy Pacers squad. While many of us were ready to accept a second overtime, Channing Frye had other thoughts, draining the game winner as the clock expired.

The Suns led by as many as 10 points in the opening stanza, as Grant Hill dropped 14, giving truth to the addage that old people love to wake up early and of course, go to bed early. Aided by 5 Suns turnovers, the Pacers went on a 9-3 run to close the quarter, with the Suns hanging on to a 33-29 lead.

In the second, Aaron Brooks made his Suns debut scoring his first point as a Sun via free throw on a defensive technical. Jared Dudley went crazy with 9 points (and yet another DUNK!)

At the close of the half, the Suns led 60-51, their third straight half scoring 60+ points.  The Pacers 14 turnovers led to 14 more Suns field goal attempts. Hill led all Suns scorers with 20 points.

In the 4th, the Pacers made their first 5 field goal attempts and A.J. Price sank a 3 to cut the lead to 89-86. After 5 more Price points and nearly 3 minutes of offensive futility by the Suns, the lead was gone and the Suns found themselves down 3. A Grant Hill 3 tied the game up and forced the game to OT.

After losing a 7 point lead, the Suns had the ball with 23 ticks left while the Pacers had a foul to give. After draining the clock, the Suns called a TO with 3.5 ticks left....We all know what went down after that: Nash to Frye....BOOYAH.


  • Aaron Brooks finished with 3 points and one assist in 10 minutes of play. He should have had at least 6 assists by my count. Scott Howard called it hazing, mostly on behalf of Gortat. You decide. I was impressed with Brooks in that he didn't live up to his billing as a chukker, and looked to run the offense.  He found his teammates where they could score. Unfortunately they did not.
  • What can we say about Grant Hill? 34/9/4. Perhaps he was playing for his Dukies who were beaten by Dowdell's Hokies. Regardless, Hill was fantastic on both ends of the floor. He was 4-7 from beyond the arc to boot. 7 4 makes and 7 attempts a career high?
  • The double double machines were at it again: Gortat with 17 and 11, Nash with 10 and 12. Stephen didn't have his legs tonight as evidenced by 5-14 shooting, but does it really matter if he scores a whole let when Hill goes for 34?
  • I love Jared Dudley. And who doesn't? 15/2/2/2 in 29 minutes
  • I challenge anyone who believes Channing Frye isn't earning every penny of his paycheck. X-Factor? Whatever you want to call it. 14/10 and the game winner. He is perfect for this team and vice versa.
  • Mickael Pietrus: should he be shooting open 3's? Yes. Should he be chukking 3's with a defender all over him? F no. Take it to the rack or find the open guy. On the positive end, I loved the technical. He wasn't out to kill anyone, he was going for the ball. A hard nosed, tough guy foul.
  • My prediction of the day...."Don't expect much from Vince Carter..." Enough said.

Tweet of the day comes from our fearless leader:

Nash has done a brilliant job adjusting his pocket passes so they get to Gortat above his knees. No more skip passes that MG can't handle.



Next up, tomorrow PM @ New Jersey

SB Nation: Fry Nails Game Winner:

Channing Frye delivered in the clutch, hitting a long-range two pointer to seal the victory over the Indiana Pacers on Sunday afternoon. The Suns moved to three games over .500 for the first time this season.


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