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Channing Frye with the Buzzer-Beater... Again in a Heart-Stopping Win Over the New Jersey Nets, 104-103

The Suns extend their winning streak and improve to 4-0 since the All-Star break with their second hard-fought overtime victory in a row over the New Jersey Nets and Deron Williams in his home debut.  And they did again on a game-winning clutch-as-ever shot from Channing Frye, on the same play he won the game in Indy on.   Not exactly the way you want to start the longest road trip of the year playing two overtime games... but heck, we'll take em'.

As Alvin Gentry says, "Any win on the road is a good win."  

Since I'm covering for Trevor and I have some work here at home that I need to take care of, we're going to cover this recap a little differently.  Like the Planeteers combining their powers to make Captain Planet... I'm summoning my Bright Side faithful to combine their great basketball minds and mash-up a collective recap using the best contributions from the comment section below!


Final - 2.28.2011 1 2 3 4 OT 1 Total
Phoenix Suns 26 26 17 27 8 104
New Jersey Nets 23 28 15 30 7 103

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