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Big Phoenix Suns Comeback Against Rockets Falls Just Short, 93-95

Both Vince Carter and Jared Dudley missed 3-pointers that would have given the Suns the lead in the final minute (Dudley's was the last shot of the game), but alas it wasn't enough.

According to the box score and play-by-play:

Unexpected boxscore stars were Zabian Dowdell (11 and 5) and Josh Childress (15, 6 and 4).

Unexpected/expected boxscore duds were Hakim Warrick and Vince Carter.

One I really didn't see coming: PG Aaron Brooks finished with only 2 points and 3 assists in his return to Houston, and was benched for Dowdell for the last 19 minutes (in which the Suns nearly pulled off the upset from 14 down).

Sorry guys, but that's all I got. Had a big working night and could only follow the game on play-by-play.

Phoenix Suns Bench Battles Back But Can't Seal The Deal, Rockets Win 95-93 - SB Nation Arizona
Dowdell put up the game of his short NBA career, with 11 points and five assists in 27 minutes but his defense was the real game-changer as the Suns defense locked down in the second half. Dowdell recorded four steals and shut down Kyle Lowry who was driving by Brooks at will and causing havoc in the paint. 

Dowdell was +20 on the night while Brooks was -23. 

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