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Postgame Video Suns vs. Warriors feat. Steve Nash, Channing Frye, Marcin Gortat And Alvin Gentry

Here's your postgame video from tonight's Suns win over the Warriors. The audio and other technical stuff is coming together nicely. Note that I don't have the skill (or time/patience) to do any fancy editing so what you get is what I see. 

Tonight we have Alvin Gentry's postgame press conference. He was happy with the win but still talked about the lack of a consistent 48-minute effort. He answered my question about Brooks as well.

Steve Nash talked about his health, the return of Channing Frye, and the impact of all the roster moves on the second unit.

Channing Frye talked about his favorite movies and plans for the weekend his return to the floor and how he felt.

Marcin Gortat discussed the game and the mass of Polish fans you came to his first even NBA Polish Night to see him receive an award from his country.



Game Notes

1st Qtr

  • Vince is smiling, so everything should be good
  • Frye passed up his first chance to shoot...he knew he should have shot it
  • Took his second look, missed it but it wasn't horrible
  • Curry looks taller to me...did he grow?
  • Quick T for Steve...he said some things he shouldn't have
  • They are doubling Grant in the post, but Suns haven't made them pay yet
  • Impressive block from Udoh. Robin had that ball in the rim with two hands
  • Robin's skill-level might be lacking but he's bringing the energy at least
  • Energy is high on the court and in the building
  • 19-9 Suns. Sweet....if only they had played with this kind of desperation all season long
  • Lou did a Lou thing and it was awesome
  • The entire country of Poland is up cheering as Gortat goes full court slam after a steal
  • Gortat out-Lou'd Lou for that ball
  • 27-20, Suns after being down 7-2 to start. Pretty good D

2nd Qtr

  • Brooks time...
  • MP passed up two contested looks and ended up driving and dumping off to Gortat for a dunk...hmmm
  • Al Thorton and Hakim Warrick on the court, the overall IQ of the game just dropped 10 points
  • Dan Crawford likes to call offensive fouls. That's five on the Warriors so far. Several could have gone the other way
  • Suns running a lot of offense through Warrick at the elbow
  • Weird timeout from Gentry in the middle of the play with 7 sec left on the shot clock. Gortat had the ball in the block with a double team
  • I locked my keys in my car before the game. Thanks to the Phoenix PD community assist guy for the assist breaking in
  • No dunk on that Dudley dunk attempt. Close though. Guessing he will claim it as a dunk number 7
  • There you go, Brooks drove and dumped it off to Warrick
  • Brooks came off that screen and was so wide open he had to shoot...he made the three
  • Starters back in. 39-30, Suns
  • Mr. Smile is about to check back in. He's 0-6 so far
  • Dudley was so open on that shot he missed it. I totally understand that. It happens to me when I play tennis. A soft shot comes over and you have too much time to set up and think about it and then hit it long or into the net
  • Yes, I just compared Dudley to me but I think he's earned it
  • Carter now 0-8 after missing a layup and a break away dunk off a steal
  • Floor crew wiping up tire marks with towels...tire marks left by a Gorilla drive-by in a mini-hummer
  • Vince is having an off night shooting but at least he's doing other things (1 reb, 1 ast)
  • I was chatting w/ Grant before the game about how it sucks to get old. Mentioned my sore knees. He just looked at me and said, "no, it's all up here" and pointed to his head. I felt like a wuss.
  • 50-40 (or 38, depending on the review of that last put back dunk from D. Wright) Suns

3rd Qtr

  • 50-38
  • Gortat starting the 2nd half again
  • I have a bit of popcorn stuck in my teeth, hate that
  • The days of high scoring Suns/Warriors games are gone. Now the Suns just lock them up. 38% shooting for GSW
  • Funny thing, since Warrick isn't starting the Suns haven't made one bad in bounds pass for a turnover. Weird
  • Vince!! Now 1-10
  • Keep shooting Vince! 1-11
  • Got it btw...the popcorn bit
  • Gentry pissed at Gortat for not setting a screen, came out to half court and yelled at him and said, "Last time I'm telling you. Last time."
  • Ekpe Udoh has VERY long arms. I bet he can dust the blades on the ceiling fan without the use of a step stool
  • Vince is not smiling any more
  • Warrick in for Frye...Channing has played well on D
  • Vince getting some mojo back by posting up Ellis
  • Playing the Hammer Time thing w/ Gortat's head on MC Hammer's body dancing. The 300 Poles goes nuts
  • Suns go ultra-small to match the Warriors. Warrick playing C for Suns, Lou for Warriors. Don Nelson is thrilled
  • Lou!!! Behind the back dribble and then pass to Thorton for a dunk
  • 84-65

4th Qtr

  • Josh Childress talking to Warrick about that blown rotation. Good luck, Josh
  • 84-68. Too soon to start the recap? 10:50 left
  • Keith Smart giving his team the bidness after that blown transition defense. Dorrell Wright and Acie Law taking the brunt.
  • Hey Brooks fans, how long are you going to stick with your guy?
  • 88-73, 8:53 to go. Recap?
  • Ooops, my bad. Starters having to come back in as lead shrunk to 10 with 7:45 to go.
  • Make that eight
  • 96-85 with 5:52
  • Channing Frye, not a roll man
  • Frye has played very well though
  • 102-91, 4:00
  • With Ellis on the bench, the Warriors are defending better and moving without the ball. He can have a Melo-like effect
  • Ellis coming back in...I think that helps the Suns. 104-93, 3:04
  • It's nothing personal towards Brooks, he just hasn't given the Suns what they needed when they gave up so much to get him
  • Dudley goes 0-2 at the line
  • Wright w/ the three...104-97, 50 sec
  • Warriors defended that high screen and roll well. Ball ended up in Nash's hands with just a few seconds on the clock. Nash drove and Curry fouled him
  • 106-97, 43 sec

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