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Postgame Video: Suns Lose To Mavericks, Nash Say 'It Feels Like It's Over'

Well played, sir. Well, played.
Well played, sir. Well, played.

Yup. That's all she wrote....but here's a few choice quotes from Captain Canada himself.

But first, a Gortat update. He said his nose was fine and wasn't bothering him. He finished with 20 points and 15 rebounds but said he needed to grab more rebounds in the first half. He also said Steve Nash could make a blind man a scorer. He also said we can stop thinking about the playoffs.

Steve Nash:

Phoenix Suns Resigned To End Of Playoff Hopes, Lose To Mavericks 91-83 - SB Nation Arizona
"It feels like it's over, just because we haven't played as well or won games so it's disappointing, but it's been disappointing all season," Steve Nash said after the game.

Asked about his feelings on the new lineup that has Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat starting, Nash answered with a comment about theme of the season.

"Well, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. We start this lineup and we have a good first quarter but then we don't have Marcin coming off the bench or Jared (Dudley) coming off the bench.

"We're a team that's had so much change this year that I don't think we know where we are yet. We're still trying to learn who we are with all the new pieces. We have five guys left from last year. It's been hard to really get on a roll or momentum without commonality."

Here's the video of him saying those profound words.


Game Notes (for the self-destructive types)

Game Notes

1st Qtr

  • Well, this should be a root canal kind of way
  • Dirk posts up Hill, misses, grabs the rebound and puts It back
  • Oh, Shawn. We miss you, including those kinds of plays
  • Gortat fired up, hits a sweet reverse layup
  • Hey, Violet Palmer! Nice to see you!! a root canal kind of way
  • Nash will be 50 and could walk on the court and get 10 assists
  • If this was a playoff game or against an old school team, someone would pop Gortat in the nose before the end of the 1st qtr. I don't see Chandler bothering though
  • Love the hustle and effort from Dudz and Chill
  • Great close out by Chill on that Jet shot
  • Vinsanity time!!!
  • Suns getting a ton of run outs...either Dallas is just playing like poo-poo of the Suns are letting it all hang out in a "nothing to lose" kind of way
  • 26-17, Suns

2nd Qtr

  • Suns 20-4 points in the paint in that quarter
  • So here's the thing...w/ Vince on the floor w/ Brooks, Brooks isn't looking for his shot at all
  • The best part of this end stretch might be Childress' opportunity at redemption
  • So refs now hate Robin Lopez too...ok
  • Dallas has shot the ball for crap but is only down 6. That's a root c anal
  • 3rd foul on Frye. Rough...
  • 36-26, 5:51. Defense doing the deed...duh
  • Suns shooting over 50%, Mavs 25%. Lead only 8 points. How is that possible?
  • Brian Cardinal only Mav off the bench to cheer that three from Stojakovic
  • Impressive defense by Gortat switching on Barea and keeping him out of the paint long enough for Nash to recover off the screen
  • Suns look much more comfortable w/ Childress on the court...finding him in his places and not trying to force him to play on the perimeter. Of course, he's mostly playing the PF which means he's got an advantage on the offensive end
  • Gortat air-balled that 15 footer and then crossed himself
  • Remember when Vince got here and he said that if we believed that anything would be possible?
  • 49-44...that's not a good thing. As poor as Dallas played, Suns should be up 15

3rd Qtr

  • <Yawn>.....sorry, it's not you, it's me
  • Shawn Marion just led the break and fed Chandler for a layup...that comes after a really dumb play. Good to see the same old Shawn
  • Beaubois might be the worst defender on the court, but the kid can flat out score
  • Nash and Kidd collide. AARP ran on to the court with insurance brochures while they were down
  • Gortat might not be able to score in the post, but he can sure pass from there
  • Bad call by Violet on that charge...Suns advantage however
  • Brooks in a bit early, 63-58. He has 3 pts tonight. Suns need him b/c Dirk is going to go all Dirk in here
  • Brooks iso'd on Chandler...passed to Childress
  • 67-65...and old fashion Suns-Mavs barn burner

4th Qtr

  • 0 points from Frye, but 9 rebounds
  • The Mavs ignore Gortat on the pick and roll and Brooks still scores...he can do that
  • Nice drive there, Vince to draw Dirk's 4th foul. More of that and you wouldn't be on the bench
  • Gortat out for Dudley. Suns center is now...Josh?
  • 75-75
  • Can't tell if the energy level in the building is low of if it's just me being hung over from last night...still
  • Suns 12-21 from the FT line...that's awesome! a root canal
  • 1-14 from three...
  • Grant D'ing up Dirk...not that you would expect anything else
  • Nash and Brooks together...didn't notice that
  • Suns really missing Frye's offense tonight...of course it's unfair to ask him to score 20 per game. He's not that guy. Of course, no one else on the Suns team is either
  • One day I am going to go through my old clothes, roll up the T-shirts, play some music, and throw them to people just to see if I can attract a crowd
  • Dirk is ice cold
  • Remember when Nash would hit those circus shots with regularity?
  • Dirk, not longer ice cold. 83-81, Mavs. 1:42
  • Scoreboard just goes on
  • 86-83, Mavs. I think
  • 1:11
  • Horrible shot by Frye trying to draw a foul on a three
  • cold (water through his veins)
  • 89-83. 44 sec
  • And the fans file out
  • I wish I could file out, but I have two hours of work to do. BOOO HOOOO!!!! Poor me!!!!!

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