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Phoenix Suns Game Recap: Suns Toss Clippers as Nash Sits, 111-98

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I would like to lead us all in a moment of silent thanks to one Mr. Donald Sterling. Without Mr. Sterling, even a down and out, nowhere-going squad like the Phoenix Suns wouldn't be able to trounce a more troubled and nowhere going NBA squad.

 Hakim Warrick led the Suns onslaught with 17 points and 10 boards (yup Warrick), while Zabian Dowdell went for 14 and 5 to anchor a solid Suns' bench effort.  Steve Nash sat this one out with the flu, necessitating Aaron Brooks to start in his place. Brooks went for 12 and 6, but more importantly failed to pick up either an ejection or technical foul called on him.

Quick and to the OBVIOUS

  • Dowdell continues to impress. His poise is excellent and if he can bury that 15 footer consistently, he's a strong #2 PG. To quote the well respected Gary Bender: "Dowdell is gona be a solid player in this league!" Hell, what did the Suns give Marcus Banks? DOUBLE IT!
  • Grant Hill was strong with 19 points in 26 minutes.  I'd offer up a 2 year deal, 8- 10 mil total. Maybe incentive laden, minutes/games played.
  • Dudz went for 16/7/5. What if??? What if the Suns give Dudz the starting 2 job next season?
  • J-Chill played 22 minutes, registering a -2.  Still, 3-4, 4 steals. Maybe he spells BAMF next year?


Suns Roll Through Blakers (SB):

Nice game all around. Zabian Dowdell was impressive and Grant Hill provided a ton of energy and leadership to bust the game open. Frye battled hard against Griffin and held him to 6-15 shooting.

Clippers vs Suns coverage

Clips Nation

[Note by Seth Pollack, 04/01/11 10:25 PM MST ]


Video: Jared Dudley's Dunk Found Wanting By Panel Of His Peers - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
The general consensus at the time from media row was, no dunk. But after the game Mark McClune from Fox Sports Arizona assembled an esteemed panel of dunkers to pass final judgement. Vince Carter (a famous dunk contest winner), along with the high-flying Hakim Warrick and Josh Childress were given final say.