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The Bulls Buck the Suns, Phoenix Escapes Almost Gored... or Blown Out, But Not. Bulls 97-94.

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The Suns revamped, er, reorganized starting unit played very well in the first quarter as the Suns kept the game close, but it was a terrible 2nd quarter in which the Suns only mustered 16 points that the pulls pulled out to a double-digit lead. 

By the middle of the 3rd quarter the lead for Chicago had ballooned to 22 and I was ready to call AAA for the blowout (ba-boom - chang!) but something strange and majestically fantastic happened!  The creature known as Vince Carter awoke and decided to play with heart, determination, and actually with some efficacy!  He and the bench helped the Suns evaporate the large lead and the game actually came down to a final possession as the Suns were down by only 3 points in with 11 seconds to make a play.  It failed and the Suns lost falling to 37-40 as Bulls move up to 57-20. 

Grant Hill's defense was stellar - Nash dished 16 assists, Vince had a decent game and the Suns showed heart and fight despite losing this game and despite falling to a nearly 25 point deficit.  That's all that we as the fans, and Alvin Gentry as the coach can ask at this point. 

NOW SHOW ME THE LOTTO!!!!!!  See it's a win-win even when we lose... and we lose again!  :)

Let's take a very detailed and professional look at what happened tonight - after the jump.

Final - 4.5.2011 1 2 3 4 Total
Phoenix Suns 24 16 30 24 94
Chicago Bulls 25 28 28 16 97

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PSYCHE!!!  Why would we do that!?

So we were playing a game right?  Let's see how well we all did - here are the answers to the Game Preview 21 questions.

21 Questions + ANSWERS.  BAM. 

  1. Can Gortat, Frye, and Lopez play efficient defense against Boozer's post game or Noah's lanky everywhereness or Kurt Thomas' crying and cheap-shot-veteranizing? Weeeellll,  Lopez had 4 fouls in 3 minutes of playing time.  FAIL.
  2. More importantly in my book - can Frye and Gortat stay out of early foul trouble? BAM.  Done and Done. Both played average defense in the 1st half and great defense in the 2nd.  Lot's of kudos. 
  3. Can Vince stop pretending like he's injured?  I know the answer to that. I thought he was actually going to pull this one off... BUUUUUUUUT, the offense came in the 4th quarter with 3:55 seconds as Korver tried to run through his screen.  Vince was hit with a blocking foul and immediately he went down in seeming excruciating pain... PSYCHE!  not 5 seconds later he was sprinting around just fine.  
  4. Will Steve be healthy enough to run the offense and bring some equilibrium back to the team? Can I get a hot tub!  He sho 'nuf did exactly that.  What did he end up with 45 assists?
  5. Can Aaron Brooks do something?Yeah he had like 2 pretty good assists.... attaboy A.B.?
  6. Which Hakim Warrick will we see?  Good Hak or terrible Hak? It was Good Hak, except for 2 bad jump-shots, Hak was high-flyin' and had some strong rebounds and defensive contributions.  Good job Hakim.
  7. Will Josh Childress be more productive alongside Steve Nash now that he's getting some consistent minutes? Well, I was wrong in wondering if he'd play with Nash and he didn't... But it didn't matter who he played with - he was part of the reason and the unit that cut the Bulls 23 point lead down.  Offensive rebounds, steals, D-rebounds, good D.  It was good night to be JChill.
  8. Will Jared Dudley continue his double-digit scoring streak? Most definitely he did fine sir - and he convincingly smashed dunk #9 on the season, even hanging a little on the rim as if to say to his teammates and those who serve as the JD Dunk Panel, "What B*#$%? Das a DUnK."  - on another note - Dudley did not get any calls from the officials tonight and he repeatedly attempted to drive and subsequently get hammered.  Terrible officiating tonight on both ends.  That's all.
  9. Will Robin Lopez be blocked by Noah or Asik trying to dunk? Ahem. Cough. The box score says he had 1 shot attempt... but quite honestly I can't remember what it was.  We'll just assume he was blocked by Scalabrine - who did not play today.
  10. Will Zabian Dowdell get PT if Brooks or Nash can't produce?  Well, Z's chances of playing tonight ended when he took his pants off before the game. 
  11. Will our game-thread have more than 800 comments?  I never doubted you guys.  See the comment thread recap below.
  12. Will Scott Howard or PanamaSun have tweets worthy of postgame recap display? Nope.  And I'm sorely disappointed.
  13. Can Channing knock down open shots tonight (assuming Boozer will be guarding him)? Channing played some OKAY defense and GOOD defense at times... but 5-15 won't cut it.  The answer is no he did not.
  14. Can Grant Hill give Rose a hard time tonight? Did we ever doubt BAMF?  Grant Hill gave Derrick Rose fits, Rose only had 19 points on 6-15 shooting.
  15. Will Grant Hill's offensive game be 'on' tonight? An efficient 60% from the field for 13 cool points.  Great job as always President Hill.
  16. Will Bogans explode for 34 and emerge a newborn SunKiller? Hahahahaha.
  17. Will Boozer at some point be fouled for an AND1 and look into the camera yelling something inaudible while clenching his right hand in a fist? Man I'm good - it happened twice, once in the first half... but he was actually called for an offensive foul and quickly his 'oooh mean' face turned into one of bewilderment.  Then in the second half he actually got an AND 1 and to my surprise clenched BOTH hands, not just one!  Interesting indeed! Now the real question should have been, will we get a classic Boozer curse word yelled into the under-basket mic, it didn't happen but that would have been a good question.
  18. Will Derrick Rose produce a 'Dunk of the Night' when Brooks is forced to guard him?  NOPE, and I was honestly surprised - at one point Rose was all alone on the break after a Suns turnover.. but he had some butterfingers and couldn't corral the ball and had to pull it out before busting on the rim hard for a dunk.
  19. What will Gortat say in his post-game interview given another bad loss to a great team? TBD
  20. What will Gortat say in his post-game interview given a surprising victory over a great team? N/A
  21. How many tweets will @stuff_ej_says produce tonight?  (Since EJ is going to be in his home-town - I'm expecting him to be on his 'A' game tonight) I haven't seen any yet.  Sad face. If you can remember something EJ said that was good go ahead and COMMENT fools!

Well there you have it folks!  It was a sad loss but an ugly game turned entertaining and encouraging!  Good stuff!  See you next time!

Next Game

Phoenix Suns
@ Minnesota Timberwolves

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011, 6:00 PM MDT
Target Center

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Oh yeah - visit Blog a Bull if you want talk about how Rose is the MVP and other playoff relevant stuff.



P.S. - Zentrified - you said you'd add 100 and you were short.  I'm disappointed. :(

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