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Suns Lay Down 'Mike Vick' Beating On Timberwolves

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Too much? Too soon?

Look, to be honest I didn't watch this game. I had some stuff going on and Beavis who was "on" for the recap had something come up as well. There's 82 games and you know, we're just not always going to get it right. Call it an off night. Punish us mercilessly. But, please (please) please don't leave us. We promise to do better next time. We love you. We really do love you. We're sorry. Forgive us?

Here's what we give you for tonight's recap. It's awesome thanks to Mr. Justin Burning.

Gortat And Brooks Lift Suns Past Minnesota - SB Nation Arizona
The Polish Hammer laid down his vengeance upon the Minnesota Timberwolves, one of the few teams playing for less than the Phoenix Suns these days. Marcin Gortat's 20 points and 16 rebounds led the team in a needed victory over a team missing their best player (Kevin Love, who was out with a groin injury).

By all means you should feel free to fill in the blanks.