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Game Preview: Phoenix Suns at New Orleans Hornets

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Tonight the Suns of Phoenix play a roadie against the playoff bound Hornets. These are the dog days for the Suns. Other than a couple of tryouts going on, (Aaron Brooks, Josh Childress, Jared Dudley-as a starter), there aren't a whole list of interesting things we hard core fans have reason to look for in this one. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons why we should stick it out to the bitter end with our Suns. How about these:

  • This may be the last Suns basketball we see for a long time. The smart people around the NBA seem to think that the labor dispute will most likely cut into the season. That's right, no 82 games. Or if so, 82 games starting in December or so.
  • Grant Hill and Steve Nash. Hill is expected to re-sign. The thing about older guys-older people, is that they aren't so quick to want to leave their homes. Hill has children in school to consider, and Nash has a divorce situation-obviously that's a quiet thing, but if his ex-wife wants to stick around, that could influence him to want to stay. Still, I get suspicious when I here this I find in Coro's recent piece:

"I have no choice. We are in transition. I'm a part of it. I want to do the best I can to help. I don't want to leave. I want to do the best I can to get us back to contention."

I like to read into everything so I hear nothing but commitment from Nash. But then again most players say things like that either before or after their dealt. Makes them look classy. If Nash were to leave I'd expect a nice bug gillboard down town from him thanking the fans for the years of love.

But in the wake of the labor situation and the Suns lack of back court depth, it would probably be an awful move to trade Nash, unless it was for something that would never happen-something equivalent, or something with the potential to be Steve Nash within 1-2 years. Ask yourself who fits that bill and how much it would cost to obtain said point guard. This leads me to the next bullet point:

  • Aaron Brooks-can he or can't he? Will they or wont they? Whose impressed with Brooks, raise your hand? Personally I think he's a punk with a little upside, but certainly a man who thinks he is much better than he is. The Suns brass really read this one wrong. Whether or not they were disenchanted with Dragic, the bottom line is they could have probably found someone better than the Brooks if they really wanted to get rid of the Slovenian
  • Robin Lopez- We most likely will not see anything great out of the 6 minute wonder for the next few games. Perhaps he gets 15-20 minutes, shouldn't the Suns be shopping him? If there is such thing is need for a change of scenery for players, Lopez is experiencing it.
  • Mickael Pietrus-there's really no reason to tune in to watch him. Coro stated Pietrus had become "disenchanted." Is that just a quiet observation or is the guy starting to pop off? I've been ignoring my tweet deck, so perhaps he's been expressing "displeasure" at his lack of playing time or something. But really, does he deserve time? Without looking at the numbers I know Pietrus simply isn't a wise player. He can be tough on D, but he often makes the dumb foul, gets the dumb T tossed at him, and instead of moving in closer to get his shot started, bombs away until we're all really embarrassed at the misses, and greatly concerned the bricks he tosses will shatter the back board.

and lastly....

  • Jared Dudley is always worth the price of an upper bowl ticket at U.S. Airways. He's a warrior, in my opinion nearly untouchable on the Suns roster. He does everything, he's young, has a chip on his shoulder, and realizes how lucky he is to be in the league. Now, can he play the 2 for 82 games? I think he can do it. I found motivation to look at some numbers. As an 11 game starter, Dudz shoots 51%, 40% from beyond the arc and 83% from the FT line. Sounds good no? Top that off with 15 ppg, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals. We know he can D.

Things to consider on desultory Friday morning while your feigning work in your lil cubicles and such.


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