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Game Recap: Dudley Dunks, Suns Lose, 109-97

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What can we say but the man delivered on his promise.

Prior to tonight's route at the hands of the Hornets, Jared Dudley stated

"I'm promising No. 10 tonight," Dudley said. "Put it in the books. Get it over with. I don't want the Mark McGwire stress on me. Get the record. It's going to be a good one."

The man did it at 9.56 in the first quarter. And the world will never be the same

The rest of the matchup was kind of a drag.  This Willie Green dude can play a bit. Green hit his first 12 field goal attempts, finishing with 31. The Suns plans to make Chris Paul a shooter failed. Paul dished 12 assists to his pals.

The Suns jumped out to a double digit first quarter lead with Grant Hill leading the way, but New orleans went on an 18-7 run to lead the Suns by one.

Phoenix gave up 8-0 and 7-0 runs to start both the 3rd and 4th quarters

The Suns allowed the Hornets to shoot 56% from the field, and 8 of 15 from behind the arc. Dudley went for 18 and 7, Marcin Gortat 17 and 6, while Aaron Brooks, subbing for Steve Nash went for 9 and 9 in 30 minutes.


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