BSotS Vernacular

Here at BSotS, we enjoy a certain form of communication. Call it... English. Or gibberish. So for those who are new or struggling to understand some of the word vomit that's thrown around here, this is your guide.

I suggest you print it out or find some way to have it have it forever imprinted in you brain because no one will explain this to you ever again.


2-time - Refers to God as he has won two MVPs. Also see God.

A 2NASHTY - To perform an act of spelling or grammatical failure.

A Man - When a player's play is so outstanding, this title is bestowed on him. Eg. Grant Hill is a man.

Asshat - A person who engages in reckless stupidity at the peril of others.

Awesome Sauce - 1. An acknowledgement of appreciation. 2. refer to "ditto". 3. The reason spaghetti is worth eating.

BAMF - Bad Ass Mother Fucker; In regards to the manly play of Grant Hill.

Bandwagoners - Celebrity Laker fans.

Banhammer - When comments made starts an internet war that it demands action. Mods will exert their corruptible power on you. Also see trolls for more information.

Boll - Name for former Phoenix Sun, Hedo Turkoglu. Also used to express feelings of love, hate, anger, or frustration. Eg. I boll this. It is up to you to figure out which feeling it is.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONED!!! - We’re totally fucked. It is up to you to use as many or as little O's as you see fit. Also see doomed.

BSotS - An eclectic compilation of manic-bipolar personalities and degenerates who alternately shriek with glee like little school girls.

Chandler - Name given when the play of Channing Frye is craptacular.

Comment of the Game - A rare and mythical honor bestowed on one lucky commentor in the recap that was made during a game thread for having the most insightful or funniest comment of the thread.

Conbuilding - To rebuild and contend simultaneously while not being fully committed to either one.

Crap on a spatula - An expression of dismay. (I am determined to make this a part of the BSotS lexicon. Look for it.)

CTLVCOF - Coalition to Light Vince Carter on Fire; Organized because of the frustrations and general hate of the apathy that is Vince Carter.

Doomed - We're totally fucked.

Doris Diaw - A nickname for former Suns player, Boris Diaw, that refers to his (often) non-manly play.

Dragon - Nickname for former Suns' player, Goran Dragic, for his spectacular play.

Escape Goat – Malapropism that caught on after a commenter was trying to say that Vince Carter is a "scapegoat". Immortalized by waxmonkey here.

Evil Empire - The San Antonio Spurs.

Facepalm - The only suitable answer to a stupid statement, question, or series of events.

Flagged - When someone disagrees with a comment, it is flagged.

Fropez - Nickname for Robin Lopez due to his monsterous afro.

God - Steve Nash.

Goran Tragic - Nickname to describe the not-so-spectacular play of Goran Dragic.

ICMF - Ice Cold Mother Fucker; In regards to the clutchness of Channing Frye.

Killed it – An exaggerated compliment of a modest achievement, coined by Overlord Seth to describe Goran Dragic’s success with the Rockets this season. Can also be used as killing it.

Lowe - Love as it looks after it’s been 2NASHTY’d. This is how real people spell "love".

Mr. ORNG - The super creepy guy that paints himself orange when attending Suns games.

Nashty - When God does something particularly manly.

Numbnuts - The name God hath given via Twitter to Migonads.

Pause - Any comment that could be misconstrued by one of the dozens of depraved degenerates that reside here.

Peaches - Nickname for Mickael Pietrus. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Planet Orange - The mythical planet in which the Suns reside.

Polish Hammer - Moniker for Suns' center, Marcin Gortat. Not to be confused with banhammer.

Pudgemonster - Nickname for Garret Siler because of his considerable... girth.

Rage - Said when something happens or when something is said that pisses you off.

Raja Bell - Forever remembred for his clothesline of Kobe Bryant in the 2006 playoffs.

- When someone agrees with a comment, it is rec'd. 8 recs turns a comment green.

Rec Whore - 1. A jerk who posts up intriguing fanposts for the sole purpose of attaining recs. 99.9% of their posts sound logical and reasonable when they clearly are not and they serve no purpose other than to make the original poster feel better about his or herself because they have no lives at all. 2. Someone who needs positive reinforcement so badly they consistently say things other will rec: "Nash is so God tonight," etc. Rec whore mostly refers to Keify AKA Keiththejourno.

Release the Clarken - The sarcastic battle cry of Bright Siders for Gentry to play former Suns player, Earl Clark.

Release the Kraken - The demand for former Suns player, Goran Dragic, to go Supernova. See this article for more details.

Rolo - A shortened nickname for Robin Lopez.

Rosterbate - When commenters fantasize about trade propositions and/or free agent signings to improve the team.

Sarcasm font - Font that is used so readers can easily detect sarcasm. To use this font, bracket your text with @. If you did it right, it should look like this: @You're doing it wrong.@

Sarcasm meter - A tool that one may or may not possess to detect sarcasm. If you are unable to detect blatant sarcasm, yours may be broken. Buy a new one.

Scott Howard - The grumbly Staff Writer of BSotS that believes we are forever doomed. Also the founder CTLVCOF.

SCTFC - Sub-Committee to Free Chilly; Organized because Josh Childress was nailed to the bench.

Seth Pollack
- aka Phoenix Stan. aka Our Supreme Lord and Fearless Leader.

Super Nova - When a player goes crazy and scores by the buckets full in a limited amount of playing time; Most notably Goran Dragic circa 2010 Playoffs, 2nd Round; Game 3 on May 7, 2010 against the Spurs when he scored 23 of his 26 points in the 4th quarter.

The Apostrophed One - Refers to former Suns, Amare Stoudemire, for when he decided it was a good idea to add an apostrophe to his name: Amar'e Stoudemire.

The Corpse - The rotting carcass of Vince Carter.

Trolls - One who posts a deliberately egregious comments with the intention of causing disruption and arguments. They are most likely douchebags from other blogs. Mods will likely exert their considerable power and drop the banhammer.

Wagon - Becoming a fan when you previously were not, even if that means for just a few days. Not to be confused with bandwagoners.

Use the comments section for any other words, acronyms, phrases, expressions, and nicknames I've probably missed.

This is a Scott Howard approved post.