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NBA Draft Lottery Poll: Kyrie Irving Or Derrick Williams For Suns?

Let's play a little game. In this game the Phoenix Suns aren't blessed with 43 years of bad luck that may or may not be a curse related to building their homes on the ancient burial grounds of the original inhabitants of the Valley of the Sun. In this game the Phoenix Suns beat long, long odds (.6 %) to win the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery which will be held Tuesday evening in sunny Secaucus, NJ.

In this game the Suns now get to pick between point guard of the future, Kyrie Irving or the next stud forward, Derrick Williams.

Irving is described as a sure-thing all around point guard and could be the next in the long line of great quarterbacks that have run Suns' offenses for decades. Read this description and tell me who Kyrie sounds like (hint: he's got floppy hair and hails from Canada).

Derrick Williams we know better having watched him play for the University of Arizona. He can pretty much do it all (except defend at an elite level but when has that bothered the Suns?). Put Williams on this team and the Suns are immediately back in the mix for as long as Nash can spoon feed him open shots.

A fun game, huh. Who's your pick?

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