Phoenix-Related Excerpt from a David Aldridge Write-up


"Phoenix weighs in. Actually, Australia, which is nowhere near Phoenix. From the Victoria Point Acupuncture Clinic in Australia (and, no, I am not making that up): Swingman Jordan Hamilton seems to be the kind of player the Suns need for their future. Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesInterestingly, I see that you have my Suns drafting a 3, rather than a SG which seems to be the glaring hole in their roster, considering [Vince] Carter's expiring contract and his play not being enough to warrant a re-sign, even on the cheap. Phoenix has the ageless Grant Hill at SF and when he retires you still have [Jared] Dudley and [Mickael] Pietrus off the bench. Of course, another idea is the Suns trade Aaron Brooks (who also didn't seem to impress) for a solid SG and maybe draft Kemba Walker in another attempt to find a successor to [Steve] Nash. (I just hope they give Robin Lopez another chance to bring it this year without the lower back issues and don't trade him with Brooks.) Further, to your pick of Walker to the Trail Blazers: I am concerned that maybe Patty Mills is not considered a solid backup for Andre Miller. Being from Australia, I love Mills, but we don't get many Portland games over here and so I don't get to follow what is happening. Is Mills not doing enough for Portland to keep him as the PG backup? First, Ack, Grant isn't ageless; he'll be 39 on opening night next season. I'm sure Dudley and Pietrus will be in the mix, but Jordan Hamilton is a big-time talent who will also play some two in the pros. Second, Walker will play both guard spots in the pros (his agent, Jeff Schwartz, corralled me in the hallway of United Center Wednesday night, saying I was crazy to think his guy would last until 21. I know it's crazy, Jeff! That's why I hate doing these doggone things!) I don't think taking a point guard, whether it's Walker or someone else, would mean that Patty is finished in the PDX. I know that Nate McMillan thinks very highly of him and likes how his perimeter game opens things up for others. Third, there's a knot under my shoulder blade that's been there for weeks; what should I do about that?"