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Bright Side of the Sun Happy Announcement

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On the heels of Alex's brilliant yet miserable piece of bad news, I would like to announce something happier:

The newest big deal on the BSOTS:

East Bay Ray has been appointed as an "official" staff writer!

You may be thinking, how big of a big deal is Ray? Well he's really a big deal. Like Humongous. First off, Ray likes beer!!! Like good beer, too. Not that swill you and I drink. Ray's too good for swill. (trypical Norcal snob). Next, the guy once owned an AP style book! I don't even know what an AP style book is, but now I want one!!!!! Oh, and he studied journalism. (Who cares, right?)

But seriously folks, Ray has kicked major butt as a writer and has a passion for the Suns even from across the desert, through the woods and over the Bay.