Getting to know you...

♫♫♫ Getting to know all about you.  Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me...♫♫♫

Hey there Brightsiders!

I've been meaning to make a FanPost for quite sometime now, especially since my biggest (and probably only) fan 2Nashty has asked me nicely to do so...along with the recent request of our newest staff writer East Bay Ray.   I'm usually more apt to fill up someone else's post with long paragraphs of information rather than saving the material for my own, but I thought it was time I finally gave it a shot.

Anyway, with the Suns' season long over, the championship won by Dallas, the conclusion of the draft, and nothing but a summer of lockouts looming before us...what is there left to discuss?

Well, how about an article about us fans?

In order to warm up my posting skills for more analytical and relevant material (don't worry 2Nashty, It's coming), I thought it would be a nice idea to start with a FanPost devoted to the very people that make this site the oh-so-special place it is. 

Let's face it, we don't just come here for info about the Suns, but also to interact with the many great fans and interesting characters that call this place their virtual home.  Since we don't have a whole lot going on with the Suns at the moment, what better time than now to find out a little more about the people we spend so much time typing back and forth with?

So please indulge me and the rest of our community by posting some interesting tidbits about yourself, including how you became a Suns fan to begin with, your background,; along with other unique and/or special factoids about yourself that may give us a little better idea about the actual person behind the screen-name.  Speaking of screen-names, if the reason you chose your particular handle isn't too private to share, that would also be a great idea to include.