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NBA Lockout Question Of The Day: How Long Before You Bail On The League?

Sad grandpa...
Sad grandpa...

Don't think for a minute that the title of this story guarantees you will get a different question on every day of the NBA lockout. If it is profitable we will do it. If it is not profitable, we will ask you to give back more until it is. That's how we (and the NBA) roll.

Speaking of rolling, this question's been rolling around my head for the last few days. Clearly if these chuckleheads can get their acts together and come to an agreement that has the season starting on time, there will be very little fan damage. Especially if the players and owners somehow manage to be civil towards each other and avoid a scorched Earth media policy.

But what if the lockout goes until early January like it did last time with the season cut down to 50 games? How much will you care then? Will you come right back as if nothing happened or will your eye have wondered and found a new thrilling pleasure?

What if the entire season is lost and we are sitting here in June 2012 talking about a lockout?

What if it's like our invasion of Iraq and you wake up and discover it's been 8 years and the mission hasn't been accomplished? Will we really still care about some guys named Markieff and Zabian?

Think about it and let us know -- What is your NBA lockout breaking point?

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