Marcin Gortat on Robin Lopez

The translation I got from a RealGM poster is this:
Quite interesting what Marcin said about Robin Lopez: "our relations with Robin Lopez were not good from the beginning. First day I came to Phoenix I've asked RoLo where do we start training - at gym or video room? And he said "I don't know I haven't found out yet", Gortat went to gym and after two minutes Robin Lopez went to video room. Coach came to the gym and said- "Where are You, you're five minutes late" Gortat asked " I didn't know where do we start, I've asked Robin and he didn't know either, he didn't tell me, coach said" how he didn't tell you- everybody knew" And Gortat said- aha I know where are we (himself and Rolo). Gortat promised himself that Rolo won't even catch the ball during training and revealed he was waiting more for a training than for a game (to try Rolo). At the and of a day he said that Rolo didn't take his 2 years big chance (of starting five) and he came and took this opportunity (which he was dreaming about behind Dwight)
Can anybody else confirm this translation? And if it's accurate....what do you guys think?