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Steve Nash Tells Chinese Media, "I don't think I will join another team; I prefer to stay in Phoenix."

In a press conference hosted by his sponsor, sportswear brand Luyou, Steve Nash stated unequivocally that he won't play in China during the NBA lockout, saying he wants to stay close to his children rather than play in the Chinese Basketball Association, according to China Daily. "Like I said before, if I did not have three children to take care of I would like to come and play in the CBA," Nash told Chinese media in Shanghai Monday.

Nash went on to pay compliments to Yao Ming's charity work as well as Yao's work on the court, and then announced that he thinks it's unlikely he'll change teams in his quest for the so far elusive championship ring.

"Every player wants the ring. We were very close to it many times. Changing teams may be a way. But I don't think I will join another team; I prefer to stay in Phoenix. Hopefully, we can go further next season," said Nash.

I'm sure the "should we trade Nash?" talk won't end with this, but Nash's repeated public expressions of desire to stay in Phoenix, coupled with Suns President Lon Babby referring to him as the "sun, moon and stars of this franchise" makes it highly unlikely Steve Nash ends his career in any uniform other than a purple and orange Phoenix Suns jersey. I like to take balanced views of things, to see issues rationally and practically, with all their associated complexity and nuance. But, in this case? Nope. I want Steve Nash to play for the Suns for as long as possible, and that's all there is to it.

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