Ron Artest starts a riot by joining the BBL


Would you have expected anything else? Ron Artest states via a telephone interview that he is definitely playing for the Cheshire Jets In the UK's British Basketball League and the UK has riots across the country. Now, he can't be blamed entirely for those riots, especially as the troubles happened before he confirmed he was to take his talents to Cheshire but where Ron Artest is involved, anything could happen. I'm still not entirely convinced Artest is coming to the UK even though he has said he definitely will, I expect him to pull out and for all of the hype to be just that - hype. Maybe it's the negative Brit inside me or whether it's just that I am sceptical of a man who is as much of a wild card as he is, I just don't believe the move to the BBL. And with reports stating that the potential deal could land him a role in a UK soap in order to boost his $2500 a month salary, things turn just that little bit more surreal. (For the record, my money is on Artest being on Hollyoaks - a soap filmed near Cheshire). My thoughts will continue to be split on whether Artest in the BBL is a good thing or not. I guess only time will tell. Or make things more confusing.