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New League of NBA Players Forming in Las Vegas; Suns' Jared Dudley Likely to Participate

Las Vegas basketball training site Impact Basketball is in the process of forming a pro players basketball league that is scheduled to play for at least two weeks next month, according to HoopsWorld. Unlike the Los Angeles-based Drew League and New York City's Rucker Park tournament, the Impact league will include only professional basketball players.

Rosters are still being formed, but players who have relationships with Impact include Kevin Garnett, John Wall, Paul Pierce, Rudy Gay, Monta Ellis and the Suns' own Jared Dudley. Dudley told HoopsWorld this:

"It will start in September, with two games a day. There will be a blend of all-stars, veterans and rookies. We'll play by NBA rules - have a 24-second shot clock and everything. You heard of the Drew League and Goodman League, but the difference with this league is that it's not a pro-am. There will just be NBA pros. It really gets guys ready for the NBA season. I'm excited every summer because at Impact, you only can get better. Now, the games are there to put what you learn into action on the court."

While there has been no announcement on which players will participate, this quote appears to leave little doubt that Dudley will be one of them. I don't see how that will be a bad thing for Dudz or the Suns. He has announced his goals this offseason of improving his ballhandling and shooting off the dribble. This league would provide a great opportunity for him to get in work against legitimate NBA competition, and he doesn't need any out clause as he would with an international team.

Also, in case you're wondering like I was, "there is a possibility that the games will be streamed online." I'd probably watch. Would you? And, do you want Dudley to play in this league?

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