Ron Artest may not come to the UK after all...


Yawn..... how entirely predictable. The Ron Artest saga which has dragged on since 1994 (possibly) as to whether he will come to the UK during the lockout, has hit a very obvious bump: Insurance. It's a point which has been mentioned in relation to players playing overseas during their NBA contracts for some time but for Ron Artest's agent, it appears to be a new idea and something he's only just heard about: "Ron fully intends to play for the Jets. Once all the information trickled in and we had a good pow-wow and it was very apparent there was a $21-million risk to agreeing to a deal like this, that’s when we started to slow things down a little bit." Good to know he's on top of the situation and knows about little details like 'Insurance'. Also, what's 'Pow-wow'? Is it another name for Ron 'Metta World Peace' Artest? I believe Ron will still come to the BBL but the major question in my mind now is - Will he do it while I still care?