Steve Nash Retweets Bill Simmons Anti-Robert Sarver Rant

With apparent headway being made toward establishing a new CBA between the owners and the NBA Players Association, reports have now surfaced that two owners, Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Robert Sarver of the Phoenix Suns, have stalled a potential new deal by going against the general consensus of the owners and expressing their objection to many of the terms.

While this rumor has been disputed by David Stern in an article on, one may still wonder if there is still some truth to these allegations, especially when the star player of one of the teams, namely Steve Nash, adds a little fuel to the fire by retweeting an anti-Sarver rant that was originally posted by Bill Simmons.  See below:

Steve Nash RT : have some great points about NBA lockout. All fans should see what he have to say.(Go check his twitter rant now!)

This is what the tweet said:

Bill Simmons 2 Sarver overpaid for team, spent last few years slicing $$$$ and turned Suns fans against him. Not he wants to blow up the system? Go away.

Nash was then asked this by a fellow fan, to which Nash replied with his answer:

Steve Nash RT : Btwn u & ur GF RT'ing Sarver rant, suppose ur days as a Sun are over? :( (Nah. I'm a SUN but NBAPA 1st)

While this doesn't confirm that Nash is taking a direct shot at voicing his support of the rant aimed at Robert Sarver, he certainly doesn't do much in the way of defending him either.  In all fairness Bill Simmons had seven total points to make about the NBA lockout, and Robert Sarver was only bad-mouthed in one.  But still, by indirectly co-signing an opinion that was voiced by Bill Simmons against all things Sarver, Nash doesn't exactly appear to be very happy with his boss at the moment.