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Hakim Warrick's Team Philly v. Team Melo: Our First Look at Markieff Morris Post-Draft

The Lockout happened and the traditional Summer League was canceled, but that hasn't stopped new NBA players like Josh Selby or Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker from playing in leagues and exhibition games of their own. In fact, even veterans like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and our own Jared Dudley and Hakim Warrick have been instrumental in organizing and playing in games all across the country.

Hakim Warrick has helped organize what will be an exhibition game this Sunday the 25th where Warrick, a Philadelphia native, along with a team comprised of fellow NBA Philly-natives is slated to take on Team Melo. Team Melo is a star-studded team thrown together by Carmelo Anthony boasting Chris Paul, Kevin Durant (Who will show up for the game late due to a previous engagement) LeBron James and others on the roster. Headlining the Philly team is Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans, Warrick and um... Kyle Lowry? Yeah, the game looks like it might be a laugher... Unless there is some truth to the rumors that Warrick has Kobe Bryant (also a Philly native) coming in as a surprise.

Besides all that - the biggest take-away here for Suns fans is that the Morris twins are a big part of team Philly - that means we will actually get to watch our 1st round draft pick Markieff Morris play in an actual game against legitimate NBA talent. I'm excited about that and you should be too.

The game will be broadcast LIVE on this Sunday at 3:00 pm Arizona time (6 EST)

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