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Game Preview: The Phoenix Suns At The Chicago Bulls

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So I have this problem. Every time I sit down to think about reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose, I can't help myself from singing the old 1994 Seal classic (who am I kidding... his only classic) "Kiss from a Rose". Man what a great song. Why do I love that song so much? Maybe it's because I was a huge Val Kilmer as Batman fan... but more it's probably because I had a huge crush on Nicole Kidman, who was 'mmmmm mucho caliente arriba arriba' in that movie.

But the better question is - why does that song pop into my head when I think of Derrick Rose? I have to believe it's because there is a message from the past intended for our present Phoenix Suns team and their game tonight hidden within the lyrics. For Serious. You don't want to miss this so jump it fools.

As we've all seen and said and yelled and cried - the Suns are in a dark dark place right now, dare I say, a gray and mystical land of darkness shrouded in more gray and gloomy mystery.

Watch the video - it will cheer you up... but pay attention to the lyrics

Did you hear it?

Let me break it down for you. Clearly, when Seal sings,

"Now that your Rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the gray"

What he's referring to my good friends, is your Phoenix Suns and their gloomy and gray current state. And the Rose is of course Derrick Rose. So herein lies the message. Now that the Suns (4-8) are facing Derrick Rose and the Bulls (12-3: the 'blooming') this is the time for a light to shine on this dark state the team is in. Now is the time for a win! Great news my fellow Bright Siders!

Back to Reality

The Bulls are ranked number 1 in the NBA in just about every Power Poll out there. (SBNation | ProBasketballTalk | |

For the Suns to get a win tonight would be nothing short of a miracle. But guess what? We have some hope. The word on the streets is that Derrick Rose might not play. Rose has been playing through a 'turf-toe' type injury and was held out of the Bulls game last night.

From writer Sam Smith,

"The Bulls have two days off after playing Phoenix at home Tuesday, and there would seem no reason to play Rose against the Suns at this point."

Rose was held out of the Bulls 102-86 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies last night and that was the 2nd time in 4 games that he missed. Like Smith says, with two days rest after today and a big 5 game road trip on the schedule ahead for the Bulls, it might be wise for Tom T. to rest Rose against the 'lowly' Suns. That's great news for us! Especially since Rose averages 25 points a game against Phoenix, his highest average against any team. (we seem to say that a lot about players amiright?)

Also - the Suns are coming in off a no-practice day off yesterday in Chicago, while the Bulls played a physically draining rout loss last night and will tonight suit up for their 4th game in 5 nights. We should have the energy and rest advantage on that front... but this season that hasn't been a proven advantage for nearly anybody.


  • No Rip Hamilton for the Bulls. Apparently he signed with them in the offseason... but has yet to play with some groin injury. Maybe he caught Steve's Pelvic Instability.
  • Containing Noah and Boozer - I think our bigs will match up quite well with the Bulls bigs. Our biggest test will be if Channing Frye can body up Noah and contain that freak on the glass. He might pull a Varejao on us tonight if he can't.
  • Read Coro's write-up on our Shooting - good stuff, 8 players on our team this year are shooting at %'s that are lower from last year. Can't have that.
  • Steve looked like he was in A LOT of pain for whatever reason (was it the back? The quad? His groin? His ribs?) a couple nights ago on the bench in the 4th - not sure who else caught that... let's hope he's okay and was just having a cramp or something.
  • Gotta stop that Deng Luol. He will light us up - looking to Dudley and Brown - or even Redd to step up defensively tonight against Deng. With Rose out, I would imagine Deng will try to load the offense on his back.
What it comes down to is this - the Suns need to play faster and make shots. That's what we need to do to win tonight. Play fast. Make shots. Play fast. Gotta go faster.

Again like I said - A win tonight would be a miracle, especially since the Bulls at 12-3 are off to their best start in 15 seasons at home (5-0) and holding opponents to something crazy like 34% shooting on their home court. But guess what? Crazy ish happens. Teams bond on the road. Our guys could come out of this lull and a light could indeed shine on our gray. Beating a team like Chicago would do wonders for our teams chemistry and overall psyche.

I love me some Suns - they are in fact ♪"My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain!!"♫

*Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day.

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