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Phoenix Suns Need Playmaker; Boris Diaw Available. Parlez-vous Francais?

Use your right hand to push your jaw back up off your lap and into place. Yes, the BSotS writer who cringes every time someone laments the loss of a former "7 seconds or less" player and/or the good ol' days is right now setting the bait on the hook.

Reportedly, Charlotte is finally so tired of the buttery croissant named Boris Diaw that they are making him available to anyone who wants him, as long as the return is not a bad, long-term contract (Warrick + Lopez works).

While Diaw may better resemble Oliver Miller these days than Hakim Warrick, he is still supremely talented. It's painfully obvious that he would be the second or third most talented player on this 2011-12 Suns roster. He would put up 15, 6 and 6 at the PF spot. Frye would switch to backup C, while Diaw and Morris would share PF. And, his contract expires in 3 months, which still allows the Suns to enter the offseason with a clean slate.

The upside? Diaw always performs very well after a trade (to the Suns in '06, then to the Bobcats in '08), he is always healthy enough to play, and he would need no adjustment period to the Suns' offense or defense. In fact, he would be the Suns' second-best playmaker, one of their best shooters AND their best post defender. He has even added the 3-pointer to his arsenal since joining Charlotte. The Suns would instantly become more entertaining to watch, with two (two!) guys able to generate open shots and/or score as needed.

The downside? He is soft as a roll of Charmin. And yet his playmaking and defense might just make the Suns a good enough team to fight for 10th place in the West, resulting in a bad combination of no playoffs and no top-5 pick for next year.

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