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Steve Nash Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns Want To Pay Nash To Stay

Put away those "Farewell Nash" signs...for now.
Put away those "Farewell Nash" signs...for now.

Everyone has an opinion about Steve Nash but there's only two men who's minds matter -- Steve Nash and Robert Sarver. So far, those guys have been rock solid in their commitment to each other and the latest NBA trade rumor only reinforces that the #FreeSteveNash movement will be about as effective as #OccupyNYC was in getting anything done beyond...OK, let's not go to politics.

According to Hoops World, the Suns are more interested in using their prodigious cap space in 2012 to keep Nash in Phoenix a few more years than they are to trade him:

NBA AM: Who Is Available In Trade? | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors
Suns fans are worried that the team may lose a future hall of famer to free agency, but sources close to the situation say the Suns may be willing to do a new deal with Nash this summer in the $8 to $10 million range to insure Steve stays in Phoenix and that kind of money may be more than anyone else in free agency would or could pay for Nash.

The story goes on to say the Suns, who have received only poop-level offers for Nash so far, would only consider a trade if "its clear Nash is leaving, that's when a trade will likely happen and the Suns are not there yet."

Bringing Nash back for a couple of years does make sense, especially since they will have all that cap space available and (likely) no max players worth spending it on. He's also clearly a better fit with Marcin Gortat than any other available options.

This summer Phoenix will have about $26.5m in cap space and $33m if they choose to amnesty Josh Childress. With Dwight Howard and Deron Williams almost certainly going somewhere else, there's no need to have all that space burning a hole in someone's pocket.

Giving Nash $8m still leaves plenty to throw at an RFA like Nic Batum or OJ Mayo and some left over to do a few other things. Does that make the Suns a contender again?

No, but remember that Robert Sarver doesn't have the stomach for a full blow up and rebuild through the draft:

"I don't know that I can sit there for four years and watch a terrible team play," Sarver said in 2010.

If you are a fan of the "Four Years Of Suck, Draft Plan" then put your hopes in Channing Frye and Jared Dudley continuing to play poorly; the Suns not getting anything of value for Robin Lopez; and Steve Nash being ready to leave the comforts of Phoenix for a ring-chasing move that doesn't seem to be part of his character.

Otherwise, get ready for a few more years of Nash and hopefully the addition of at least another couple of decent players this summer via free agency and a low lottery pick. It may not be great but it's better than over-spending on the wrong guy out of a free agent class with slim pickings.

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