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Suns Vs. Mavericks Game Thread

Next Game

Dallas Mavericks
@ Phoenix Suns

Monday, Jan 30, 2012, 7:00 PM MST
US Airways Center

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Some notes from Gentry's office:

  • Nash won't go (but you knew that already). He couldn't "contract" or "push off". Price will start so we'll get to see Marcin Gortat in some different situations. Gentry said that if it were a playoff game Nash could have "gutted it out" so don't expect him out for long.
  • Gentry said key for Price is to not try and be Nash. Suns will run less pick and roll and more movement. Gentry compared Price backing up Nash to the QB for the Colts having to play behind Peyton Manning.
  • On Frye's poor shooting, Gentry said he's getting good shots and shooting with confidence. He just needs to keep at it.
  • Gentry said Jason Terry does not get enough credit for hitting big shots in clutch situations (he hit a big one lat night against the Spurs).
  • Gentry stressed that everyone knows there roles on this team. He wasn't asked about that but wanted to make sure we wrote it. Apparently someone, somewhere either wrote or said something about that. Whatever.
  • Gentry said he would like to lock down a nine-man rotation but the guys aren't playing consistently enough for him to do that.
  • Coach said the Suns were too slow initiating their zone offense against the Grizzlies. They need to get the ball moving earlier in the clock to create openings in the zone.
  • Oh, and remember when Shawn Marion hit a bunch of threes against the Suns when they last played and Dirk was..."injured"? Gentry said he's fine w/ Trix taking threes but we should remember that Shawn can make threes. He just hopes his players close out on him with a hand up.

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