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Dallas Mavericks Out Hustle The Phoenix Suns; 98-89 Final

The Phoenix Suns fell to the Dallas Mavericks tonight, 98-89 , in a game that was won on the offensive glass. The Mavericks have not been a good rebounding team thus far in the season, but they played like one tonight as they out muscled and out hustled the Suns all game long.

The Suns kept it close initially with the efficient play of Marcin Gortat on both sides on the ball. Channing Frye also got off to a nice start hitting his first two shots, one of which was a three pointer. However, once Nash and most of the other starters left the court the mavericks soon began to pull away. Ronnie Price and Markieff Morris both committed two quick fouls a piece and sent Dallas to the line where they opened up the lead even more.

Then the second half on if you dare.

In the second half the Suns briefly saw a glimmer of hope off the heels of some very nice play from Grant Hill who scored three quick buckets and grabbed a steal in the first three minutes. However, just as the Suns were starting to get some momentum to swing their way Nash commited a turnover that led to a fast break bucket, then Frye committed a turnover throwing the ball in-bounds, and then fouled Dirk Novitzki for the and one.

That series of mishaps that led to a quick seven points instantly put a stop to the Suns' run and things just went down from there.

Dirk Nowitzki was his normal awesome self all game long (20pts, 7ast, 6rbs), and in the fourth quarter the Mavs pulled away by as many as 20 points before the Suns decided to make one last run to cut the lead back down to 10; mostly due to the play of Nash and Gortat. Alas, it wasn't enough as the Mavs continued to hold serve from that point and closed it out the rest of the way.

The story of the game was rebounding...more specifically a lack thereof. Giving up 20 offensive rebounds just isn't getting it done. Gortat finished with 22pts and 10rbs so he certainly did his job, but most of the other players seemed slow to box out or just lacked the energy to compete for the 50-50 balls which the Mavericks ended up with. I think the Suns missed the energy and hustle of Markieff Morris who couldn't stay on the floor due to early foul trouble. He has to improve in that area of his game...The Suns need him.

The Suns need to play with more energy...We've seen flashes this season but they simply haven't shown they can do this on a consistent basis. This was a winnable game that the Suns let slip away...too bad.

Game Notes:

First Half

Gortat playing very effective on both offense and defense…Not sure if Gentry is leaving him out longer because of his play or because of Robin’s injured Foot.

Shannon Brown…Ugh

Lopez not looking quite like his usual self. Maybe the foot injury is bothering him, or maybe he’s just having a bad day

Ronnie Price plays good defense but simply does not set up the offense well whatsoever.

If Morris has a down side it’s silly fouls…It’s to be expected for a rookie, but we really need him out there.

Hakim playing “better” defense as a SF, and showcasing his new skills as a three-point shooter from the corner. I think we’ve found his ideal fit on our team

Frye seems to have his stroke tonight but he’s barely getting the opportunity to shoot the ball

Offensive rebounds for the Mavs is the difference in the first half…Dallas with 13 so far

10 Turnovers in the first half already is way too many…Luckily the Mavs have only scored on three of them

Frye quietly having a nice first half with 7 points of 3-4 shooting and 5 rebounds. He needs more opportunities to score tonight since his shot seems to be falling.

49-41 first half. Stats: Suns shooting 38.6% from the field 25% from three. Gortat only player in double figures with 10, and also the leading rebounder with 6.

Second Half

Grant Hill on FIRE to start the second half…Six quick points and a steal in the first three minutes

Frye with a terrible turnover on out of bounds pass right after a turnover from Nash that led to a fast break. Frye then commits a worse foul on Dirk for an and-one. All of this happened just as the Suns were gaining momentum. Dallas now back firmly in control

Terry doing what he does best…hitting impossible clutch three’s to dig that dagger in our chest a little deeper.

Steve hit a NASHTY three of his own to answer!

Dudley now 3-10 from the field in the 3rd quarter…Not good

Telfair getting his opportunity, probably because Price was so ineffective in the first half.

Telfair then proceeds to dribble aimlessly at the top of the key and then clanks one off the rim without ever passing the ball…Help!

Another 3pt dagger from Terry to close out the third quarter. Dallas up 77-66 at the end of the third

Yawn…another dagger from JET

Mavs briefly went up by 20 points but the Suns started fighting back to bring the score within 10

Mavs wake back up and keep the score just out of reach to close it out. Final 98-89

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