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Jared Dudley's dunk goal this season is...

In 2010-11, Jared Dudley's goal for in-game dunks in a season was 10. He reached that goal in the final month, with most of the dunks occurring after the All-Star Break.

In 2011-12, Dudley's goal for in-game dunks doubled to 20 but he didn't come close. Again, he had more dunks in the second half of the season but still barely cracked 10 (if even that). We'll give him a pass, since the season was only 66 games after all.

This season? How about 17.

That's what Jared said today when we asked him cornered him for the scoop this morning.

Is Luis Scola his main competition? No, he said with a laugh. No way Scola gets more dunks than Jared.

Goran Dragic? Maybe. Dragic is athletic enough to get lots of dunks on fast breaks but chooses to lay it up fairly often, per Dudley. So maybe he and Dragic could have a friendly competition.

There you have it, Suns fans.

Duds wants 17 dunks this year.

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