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Developer makes proposal to save historic buildings from Suns parking expansion

The Phoenix Suns have taken out a permit to level two historic hotels new U.S. Airways Center and use them for parking. One local developer has a compromise idea that would split the baby in two.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It's debatable how "historic" two buildings roughly 100 hundred years old might be, but there's clearly forces within the Phoenix community that want to save the St. James and Madison hotels. The two oldish buildings sit just west of the Suns home court and the team wants to turn them into a convenient location for valet parking.

In the middle of this classic duel between preservationists and those who seek progress sits one man, developer Michael Levine. According to a report from radio station KTAR, Levine has made a Solomon-like proposal to split the proverbial baby in two.

Developer offers Phoenix Suns compromise over site - Phoenix News -
"A cool approach would be to leave the back 20 feet of the building, and the front 45 feet of the building, and actually drive through the buildings," Levine said. "I think they would become architectural icons, and would become a destination for people coming to downtown."

To date, no response from Suns managing partner Robert Sarver has been reported.

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