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Steve Nash and Goran Dragic walk into a bar...

Yahoo! Sports publishes their preview article on the Phoenix Suns. It says stuff about things.

Photo Credit: Max Simbron

It's a longish article from Marc J. Spears of Y! and there's even some video about the Phoenix Suns 2012-13 season. I didn't watch the video (or really do more than scan most of the article) but you certainly can do both if you are one of those people who like to read every word written or said by the national media about your team.

Me, I've met enough of the national media guys that I'll pass. I tend to stick with what the local folks have to say about the teams they cover but hey, whatever. No offense to Mr. Spears either. He's very good at what he does.

One thing that did jump out at me from his story was this quote from Goran Dragic in which he recounts his recent meal (in Phoenix) with Steve Nash.

Suns transition into new era without Steve Nash - Yahoo! Sports
Some fans "were saying, 'Steve come back, Steve come back,' " Dragic said. "Other fans were saying, 'Steve we got a new point guard now and we are going to beat your ass.' "

Good on you, random restaurant patrons / Suns fans. At least the ones saying "we got a new point guard now and we are going to beat your ass."

It might not be true (at the team level) but way to represent.

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