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Game Preview: Phoenix Suns at Golden State, 7PM

One night after defeating the Kings, the Suns head to the golden state to play... Golden State. This may be the last chance that some guys have to make the squad.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

Tonight's game may look a whole lot different than last night's game.

Suns head coach Alvin Gentry wants to tighten his rotation very soon, but still needs make one final evaluation of the backup big men and the fourth-string point guard. We will probably also see some 3rd-string PG playing time as well.

Say hello to Solomon Jones, Ike Diogu, Luke Zeller, Diante Garrett and Kendall Tucker. And then say goodbye. Unless there's an injury, these guys are not going to play much more this season.

Three of them will likely make the Suns roster. One of those is for sure - Kendall Tucker Marshall has a 2-year guaranteed contract as a first-round pick. The others are up for debate. The Suns, with 13 players under guaranteed contract including Tucker, don't need to keep anyone else to meet league guidelines.

But with Jermaine O'Neal's injury history, Markieff Morris foul pronation, Luis Scola's aging body and Kendall Tucker's Marshall's unreadiness for prime time TV, we might see two guys remain from Jones/Diogu/Zeller/Garrett.

Everything else about tonight's game is just window dressing. The Suns open the season against this same Golden State team next week, so there's little incentive to tip their hand too much on how they'll play Mark Jackson's club. Plus, it's a roadie, on the second night of a B2B.

Golden State has made changes lately, bringing in injury-prone Andrew Bogut while shipping out their most consistent offensive player in Monta Ellis. Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson are big shooters on the wing now, along with Brandon Rush. Jarrett Jack runs the point with Stephen Curry, and David Lee returns at PF.

Check out the rest of the roster.

Golden State Warriors Roster

# Pos.
Harrison Barnes 40 F
Kent Bazemore 20 G
Andris Biedrins 15 C
Andrew Bogut 12 C
Carlon Brown 32 G
Stephen Curry 30 G
Festus Ezeli 31 C
Lance Goulbourne 5 F
Draymond Green 23 F
Jarrett Jack 2 G
Rick Jackson 00 F
Richard Jefferson 44 F
Charles Jenkins 22 G
Tarence Kinsey 6 G
Ognjen Kuzmic - C
Carl Landry 7 F
David Lee 10 F
Brandon Rush 4 F
Klay Thompson 11 G
Jeremy Tyler 3 F


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