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Solar Flares - Weekly NBA/Open Thread - WEEK ONE IS UPON US!!

The real season is here! We are finally beginning the long grind of 82 games that mean something, that matter in the standings.


We are about to hear how games are really important, unless the Suns lose in which case the game was less meaningful than we thought.

We are about to see (maybe) another NBA trade or two before the October 31 deadline to sign 4th-year players to extensions. No worries on the Suns' end - that was Earl Clark. But James Harden was already traded, and Steph Curry and Tyreke Evans just might be next. Who knows?

We are about to be even more inundated with "this guy had the best offseason of his life!" articles across the nation, closely followed by no mention of said offseason again after the first week or so.

Get ready for some NBA news that BSotS can't keep up with, and feel free to post any topics on here you want to discuss or make us aware of.


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