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Lowe: Suns lack long-term vision

In his preview of the entire NBA, Grantland's Zach Lowe puts the Phoenix Suns in his lowest tier of teams.

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Lowe, like many national pundits, doesn't give the Phoenix Suns much of a chance this season. Even more damning, he puts them in his lowest tier of teams: "In the Lottery, Defined by Uncertainty". Here's what he had to say:

Who are the NBA's top title contenders this season? And who's trailing the pack? - Grantland
There's nothing fatally bad going on here, but aside from snagging an extra first-rounder from the Wolves in the Wesley JohnsonRobin LopezHakim WarrickBrad Miller trade, it's hard to see a lot of long-term vision. Again: Nothing's fatal. The Suns can work their way to max-level cap space as early as this summer.

Lowe goes on to criticize the Suns for over-paying for Michael Beasley, which is a shift from the long-held national opinion that the Phoenix Suns were too cheap to pay for talent. He also is skeptical about the Suns' ability to be a good defensive team.

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